AlienCarnage (Halloween Harry)


NOTE: Alien Carnage is actuallythe commercial release of Halloween Harry. The two are identical exceptthat the levels are  played in a different order.

 RegisteredONLY cheats:

 Typein codes:

Typein code:      What it does:
[B][I] [G]      Gives you full health and full jetpack power.

 RegisteredAND Shareware cheats:1

 Typein codes:

Typein code:

What it does:

Typein codes:
[Ctrl][R] [E] [N]

Gives you all possible weaponsand activated God Mode for a few seconds.

[Ctrl][Alt] [RShift] [F12]

Shows you your current coordinateson the level.


Warps you to a level of yourchoice. Type the number of the episode (1-4), followed by the number ofthe level (1-5). Be careful though because invalid input will exit thegame.


Change your location withina level. Type the coordinates of your destination after this code; again,invalid input will probably crash the game.

 1 ---- Thesecodes ONLY work in v1.1 or better.

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