Age of Empires Codes

To activate these codes, go to chat mode (Enter), and then type in the following codes in all caps:

BIG BERTHA   Catapult has range of 16 and area effect diameter of 10
FLYING DUTCHMAN Juggernaught can move on land
HOYOHOYO gives Priest speed of 6 and 600 hit points
ICBM Ballista has range of 100
NO FOG turns off Fog of War
REVEAL MAP reveals entire map
STEROIDS  turns on quick build
HARI KARI  destroys all of your buildings and units
HOME RUN  gives you instant victory in a scenario
DIEDIEDIE everyone (including you) dies
RESIGN  you resign
REVEAL MAP  reveals the entire map
PEPPERONI PIZZA give yourself 1,000 food
COINAGE give yourself 1,000 gold
WOODSTOCK give yourself 1,000 wood
QUARRY give yourself 1,000 stone


F6 Full Map Toggle
F7 Fog of war toggle
CTRL-Q Speeds up building
CRTL-G 1000 gold
CRTL-W 1000 wood
CRTL-S 1000 stone
CRTL-F 1000 food
CRTL-T New menu under wood, food, gold and stone
CRTL-P Left click to place more rock

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