Al Qadim: The Genie's Curse - Walkthrough


Al Qadim: The Genie's Curse is the latest from SSI. It features a new and improved interface and game engine. Never before has an AD&D computer adaptation felt so fast paced and exciting.The graphics are stunning, arcade-like, smoothly scrolling, and colorful. The perspective is that of a slant-overhead view that allows you to guide your character through the adventure. In comparison the view and scrolling are much better than those of Ultima series.

The sound card support is absolute in SSI tradition with a multitude of brands featured. Music and sound effects are appropriate. It must be noted, however, that they failed to render the true Arabian night tales atmosphere. But that doesn't overly hurt the game play.

The RPG rules are those of AD&D's Al Qadim setting. In other words the game abides by the AD&D 2nd Edition rules and is enriched by exiting new concepts, spells, and creatures designed especially for this campaign setting. You play a single character, a corsair (fighter type). Swordplay is enhanced to a semi-arcade level with a special feature: the ability to learn up to three specific combat moves. Those combat moves become available as you increase in level and find a trainer willing to teach them to you. Limited spell-casting is allowed by the use moonstone shards paralleling rods and staffs (limited number of charges) which you must acquire in the adventure. The bestiary is close to standard but even the classic creatures are tainted with a touch of Arabian exoticism making each and every battle a new experience. Judging by the monsters, the game requires the skills of a 7th level character equipped with considerable amount of extra healing potions. The action is three dimensional: an outdoor phase with random encounters of wandering monsters, a dungeon/city phase involving interaction with predetermined numbers of NPC's and creatures, and the additional travel phase such as your travels aboard your ship which sometimes result in encounters with pirates, undead, or water elementals. The game includes several mind boggling puzzles and, on occasion, dexterity requiring arcade challenges.

This game is excellent. Pure art in form and principle, it however does not present much of a challenge to the gifted gamer. Game play to solve the game at the Medium level of difficulty without cheats (I edited my save game later) is approximately 10 hours. Disappointing for a five disk game. It appears that the game was designed with novice players in mind. It is indeed excellent for people with no previous AD&D experience. A lot can be expected from future releases using this formidable engine, that is, if SSI does not rupture its contract with TSR, which seems to be the case...



Graduating From the Academy

The game opens with a test. Your master who taught the ancient secrets of the corsairs sends you through a maze that requires agility, speed, and quick thinking, in order to determine your fitness to graduate. The basic principle behind the puzzle: move fast and stop as little as you can. You are being chased by a disintegrating field which makes you start over if it touches you. Slalom around spears and boulders, dash across springing pun gee sticks, fiery infernos, grasping pincers, sliding rotary blades, and dodge fiery missiles, rolling boulders, and aggressive fire elementals. You'll have very little time to think or pause. You must react quickly and take your chance whenever possible.


- Avoid wide open spaces and try to cling to the walls. Many traps are set where no hindrance is visible.
- Keep your priorities straight. You have barely enough time to make it.
- Your greed will have to wait. When you finish, you will see a big chest which contains enough reward to get you started.
- The teleporter is located north of that chest and will send you outside the walls of your home city of Zaratan.
- For this first phase, and all subsequent phases, make it a habit to crush the vases and pieces of furniture whenever you encounter them. Very often they contain treasures, sometimes they offer the only safe way through an area. Secret passages may be obscured by pieces of furniture.


The Home City of Zaratan

The second phase involves unravelling the story line in your home city. As you enter, your sister greets you and takes you to your father, who will give you the family sword of honor which can only harm your enemies. After conversing with him, visit the other houses of your family compound:

- Your home, where your mother awaits.
- Your brother Tarik's house.
- Your Aunt's, who has a present for you.

Once you are done with the family, visit each and every other house:

- The compound of the rival family, the Wassab's.
- The trainer's home who can teach you new combat moves.
- The Inn.
- The Temple where you can donate some money (this will result in a gain in experience).
- The Qadi's office which is discussed later on.
- Your sister's house at the south west corner of town.
The potion shop.
- The Sorcerers' Guild.
- The bazaar.
- The barracks.
- Various residents' homes.

The main tasks:
- Talk to each and every of your family members.
- Go to the bazaar, the merchant's daughter is dying and she needs purple berries to survive. The purple berries are located in the monster- infested oasis west of town.
- Go to the Qadi's office. He will give you a document that will hopefully bring and end to the feud between your family and the Wassab's.
- Take the Qadi's treaty to the Wassab compound. When challenged by the young Wassab son, politely decline. The Wassab elder will require your father's signature first.
- Head back home and get him to sign.
- Return to the Wassab elder, he will then ask that you and your sister also sign publicly in front of the Qadi's office.
- Fetch and convince your sister (upon meeting her again she will give you a present).
- Return in company of your sister to the Qadi's office. There you both sign the non-aggression pact.
- Throughout the city you will encounter private citizens in need of donations. Be generous. Every time you give you will be rewarded by some amount of experience.
- With the little money you have you may want to buy some healing potions at the shop.
- Before going any further you must have dealt with the oasis covered in the next section.

The Monster Infested Oasis

The oasis is infested with monsters which include:

- Hyenas
- Air Elementals
- Thorn shooting bushes
- Giant wild boars
- Swarms of hornets

The basic idea is find the one unique purple berry bush located in
the middle of the oasis next to the water.
As you collect the berries you will meet a mermaid. Promise her to keep the knowledge of her existence secret and she will give you a message from her master to bring to the Qadi.
Return to the city, give the berries to the bazaar keeper and honor your oath to the mermaid and do not reveal her existence when asked. Then go to the Qadi's office to deliver the message.
Somewhere around this time your old master will appear before you warning you of omens of great dangers facing you. He will then give you a few magical presents including a scroll to read before your nemesis when you will finally meet them.
Return to the oasis bearing the reply to the message, the mermaid will tell you of a healing pool in the oasis located on the other side of the water from where you are standing, next to two trees. As you reach it, step onto it and your wounds will be healed.
When you are done here, return to the city and a new plot will unravel. Earlier during the day, about the time you signed the pact with the Wassab family, a ominous storm had started. The storm has now cleared up now and one of your trading ships brings bad news. While they were at sea they passed by a Wassab ship when suddenly the storm hit. The magical storm only affected the Wassab ship, sparing your own, and the attack was the doing of your family's genie. Such an attack is full of consequences considering your family had just signed a pact of non-aggression binding your genie. Only your father, sister, and brother have control of the genie. And when the Wassab's file a complaint with the Qadi, your family gets blamed. But there is more. Aboard the Wassab ship was Kara, your bride to be, the Caliph's daughter and the Caliph himself. They were coming to greet you before the wedding. The Qadi sends you back to the oasis to search the western shore for survivors.

Go back to the oasis and you will find the Caliph, alive and well, but under the assault of hyenas.
After saving his life, he will insist that you search the debris for his treasure which consists of a locket pendant with his daughter's picture. You can find lying next to a barrel near the north west corner of the shore.
You can then return to the city. The Wassab will make formal accusations against your family before the Caliph. Your family is ordered to summon the family genie to explain his action. When Muliban, your genie, appears, he declares he was given a direct order by a member of your family and your brother Tarik is still nowhere to be found. Your family is imprisoned back in the Caliph's palace in the capital city on another island. Since you had no control over the genie you remain free but are banned from Zaratan and cannot re-enter the city gates.

The adventure really begins now. Head back to the oasis to seek the council of the mermaid. She tells you that you must locate the magical ship on Deadman's Reef. In order to get to Deadman's Reef you must head to the south west shore of the oasis and speak the words "Jorgizra Jetzona". Once you secure the ship she tells you to head to the northern part of the oasis to the mage's tower and seek an audience by speaking the words "Azullah Batan".

Head to the southwest shore and speaks the words: they will summon a giant turtle. Climb on its back and it will take you to Deadman's Reef.


Deadman's Reef

Deadman's Reef is inhabited by:

- Zombies
- Skeletons
- Thorn shooting bushes

Find three keys on the shore, two of which are found in chests lying behind bushes. Beware of treasure lying around, for greed magically invokes zombies.

Once you are done, climb the shipwreck. Move fast, for there is an archer taking shots at you.
Go below deck. One of the keys will open the first door, and you'll have to face a couple of skeletons. The other two keys will open the next set of doors which lead into the quarters of a mage who will hurl potent magic at you. Once you defeat her, you will gain several treasures and access to the portal to the ship located on the wall of that room.

Enter the portal. Once in the next plane of existence, head to the center of the platform, there lies a large green orb. Shatter the orb. As a result the ship will be restored and be teleported to the sea. Whenever you come back into this room and touch the smaller orb, your wounds will be healed.
Go back above deck and talk to the helmsman. Learn what he has to tell you, and ask it to take you back to Zaratan.

In order to get off the boat, just climb onto the row-boat. It will take you to the south shore of the Oasis.
Proceed north to the mage's tower and at the gate speak the words you were taught earlier.

The Mage's Tower

As you enter the tower, you will be teleported to a challenge area. Here are the basic guidelines on how to easily make it across:

- Where there are patterns of circles on the floor, step in succession on the blue highlighted patterns. This will open the doors or engage the mechanisms needed to proceed.
- In one instance, you will be tested for mnemonic abilities (one of the two tests administered by the acid pool entity). In that instance you have a round pattern of those circles which alternately light up. Step on those which light up and when they do not light up anymore, step on the center face. Keep track of which circles light up and which ones light up more than once, as you will be quizzed on it afterwards. Also, when asked about the significance of the rune, tell the truth: you have no idea.

- Stay away from the green puddles as much as you possible. Some acid slime elementals tend to originate from these if you stay around.
- There are poisonous spiders. Beware, when poisoned, you will loose hit points steadily until the effect subsides after a couple minutes.

- In order to cross a section of acid pool or open a locked door, you will often need to activate levers. When stuck, make sure you have activated all the levers you have encountered.
- In one instance, you will need to push levers in order to lower spikes blocking your way.
- In another, you will have to pull successions of levers in order to create a path of rock tiles through a lava pool. That is the only instance where the order in which you pull the levers matters. The initial order is:

+ Lever North
+ Lever South
+ New Lever North
+ New Lever Farther North
+ New Lever South

And then you will have to figure out the rest for yourself. After a little trial and error you will get to more levers on the other walls of the pool and one single lever standing on a tile. Once all are activated, you will have access to a sliding plate which will take you from your last position to the exit on the opposite side of the entrance to the pool.

- When addressing the stone faces, show humility, honor, and be absolutely honest.
- For instance, when asked why you are in this area, reply that you came to restore your family's honor.
- When asked if you attacked the master of the maze, say you would out of self defense.
- When questioned by the jealous husband, reply that a wife's lover has no honor because marriage is sacred.
- When talking to the wife, say that she should be trusted and that her love is beautiful and precious and should be shown for the world to see. - Later on, when asked again by the jealous husband, promise never to talk to the mermaid again.

- When all else fails, and you are stuck in a corridor, pay attention to shifting patterns in the walls. There is, at one point, a secret passage.

- In some situations in order to cross pools you will need to step on sliding stones, which have specific courses back and forth on the pools. Sometimes you need to hop from stone to stone until you manage to get your way across it.

If you follow these guidelines, you will eventually succeed and get past every obstacle. You will be teleported back into the tower. Go upstairs, enter the quarters of the mage where you will meet him and his wife, none other than the mermaid you had previously met. After discussing with the mage for a while, he will tell you what your next course of action should be: you must regain control of Muliban, your family's genie and find who ordered the attack. In order to get to that point, you need to find the Genie's Lords. You can learn the name of their island on the Isle of Shibaz by asking the Hermit in the Library. The mage gives you an enchanted mirror to get what you seek from the Hermit if all else fails.
As an additional request, the mermaid will address you. Make sure You may leave the tower and head back to your ship. If you want to fulfill the mermaids request, you should set sail to the capital, enter the city, and locate the Supernatural Emporium where you can buy the gilded dove.
Then return the dove to the mermaid in the tower, in exchange her husband gives you a scroll to speak before your true enemy.


The Capital City

Before going to the island of Shibaz, you may want to go to the Capital city visit your parents in the jail of the Palace. The City's shops feature:

- Barracks : Stay away.
- Mess Hall : Stay away.

- Ha-Kim's Heating : He sells the Hottest Coals in the World. When you need them later on in the game, come get them here.

- Reptilian Desires: Here is sold the Wisest Snake in the World. When you need it later on, come get it here.

- Desert Salvation : Local Healer. You can get your wounds healed for a fee. Don't bother, either use the orb in your ship or buy healing potions rather than waste your money here.

- Sand Point Gambling Club:
Gamble up to 500 coins at a time! If you win you gain twice as as much as you gambled (500 brings 1000 for a new total of 1500 coins). The game is "guess the number". you have 6 tries to guess a number between 1 and 100.
+ 1st guess: 50
+ 2nd Guess: if value is lower: 30
if value is higher: 70
+ 3rd Guess: if you have bound the value between the two previous:
if the value is between 30 and 50, select 40.
+ 4th Guess: if it's between 30 and 40 select 35
+ 5th Guess: if it's between 30 and 35 select 32 or 33.
+ 6th Guess: depending wether its high or low, you have either the right answer automatically or you have to choose between two answers.

+ If you had too short on answer 2, then extend the bracket by 10 for the 3rd guess.
If then you have a range do as above within the new bracket. Your odds will then be the same as above.

+ If you missed again on 3, then extend the guess by ten more, then your guess become more difficult.
+ And so on...

With your earnings, invest in extra healing potions, and/or shards,
at the Supernatural Emporium.

- Shop with no sign: Trainer: Train here to learn new combat moves as you increase in levels. There are 3 combat moves:
+ Hack
+ Sweep
+ Twirling Sweep
They are activated by holding the attack button until
the gem symbol on top of the screen light up.

- Private Homes: Stay away.

- Ingrid shop of wonders: She will sell you Idrid's Veil for a large amount of gems. Come back here when you need it.

- Traveler's rest: The Inn is closed, but enter it anyway. One of the two patrons will be of assistance in finding the location of the Bottle of Eternal Emptiness.

- Supernatural Emporium: He will sell you the Gilded Dove. When you need it come and get it from here. In addition, he sells the following:
+ Potions: - Healing: Not very good
- Extra Healing: Excellent!
- Giant Strength: Raises it to 22, making your hits cause
more damage. Temporary effect.
- Invulnerability: Makes you much harder to hit. Temporary
- Oil of Elemental Invulnerability: + Fire
+ Air
+ Earth
+ Water
Makes you impervious to the attacks of these elementals, and
more resistant to spells based on these elements. Temporary

+ Moonstone Shards: These are available in limited quantities only. They are listed from the most potent and limited to least
powerful and relatively abundant.

- Lightning (25 charges): Sends a bolts bouncing around
causing great damage.
- Cone of Cold (12): Has a broad, single directional area of
- Water Blast (15): Very effective against Fire Elementals
- Sunfire (10): Fireball-like area effect upon impact.
- Sun Scorch (15)
- Fire Arrow ( 7)
- Magic Missile (12)

- For Rent: This is the house of a forger who was recently incarcerated.

- Office Of Trade: He has the bone key. Come get it from him when you need it.
He will exchange gem to gold and vice versa:
+ Get 10 gold for a gem.
+ Get 1 gem for 11 gold.

NOTE: About money matters: If you do not use a cheat, use your money wisely. do not by any magical items except for Extra healing potions, until
you have acquired all the special items mentioned in each stores listed
above. If you need more, go gamble, the odds are actually quite good.
If you're dead broke, travel a lot just to run into pirates and or undeads. You'll capture some amount of wealth after the battles, in chest near the helm of the captured ships.

The last building in the city is the Palace.

The Caliph's Castle ( First Visit )

In the Castle Gardens, you will find some gold behind bushes and flower beds. help yourself to it. In addition, you may converse with a prisoner through the grate east of the entrance.

As you enter the castle for the first time, you basic objective is to obtain the permission to visit your father in the dungeons below. Ask the Vizier that you would like to see your family. He will then ask you wether you wish to see the Caliph for that purpose. Reply positively. Once taken to see the caliph, ask to meet with your family. When refused to, insist that you give your word to not attempt to break the law in any way. The Caliph will have the Vizier use his telepathic powers to scan your mind for your true intentions. He'll ask you questions. Reply the truth. You have no new information concerning the case against your family. The caliph will authorize you to go see your father, but not the other members of your family (mother and sister). With the permission, head for the western living quarters, and find the stairs leading to the dungeons, guarded by the captain of the guard. Tell him you are allowed a visit, and proceed downstairs.

Your father's cell is located in the northern part of the dungeon.
You'll be taken straight to him, and instructed not to attempt finding your other relatives.
Talk to him, and he'll ask you to go find your mother and sister and inquire about their health.
You may wander about. Talk to the prisoners. One of them will tell an interesting story about the Vizier's Seal, which will make more sense later as the plot unravels.
Beware not to talk to either your mother or sister in the presence of guards or robots. If you are caught talking to them, the game is over. The robots only see you when they are close by you, and cannot see behind them. The only guard to worry about is the one guarding the northern cells (where your father is located). Your sister is loosing her mind, but will talk to you and give you a present. Your mother is doing fine. Return to your father. He'll thank you profusely and even give you a present.

You may now leave the castle at once only to return after you have accomplished several quests.

The Island of Shibaz, home of the Library Hermit

Once back at the ship, head for the island of Shibaz and go on shore. Make your way through the abandoned buildings collecting treasures and scrolls as you go.


- In one of the rooms you will see two chests and two pieces of furniture. DO NOT ENTER THE ROOM!!! The furniture and chests will magically come to life and destroy you.
- Besides the standard monsters, you will find, in a path lined with spears, new creatures. They are some kind of hags with the ability to become invisible. You must make sure to use your shards or sling on these. There are two of them (at medium level). Enter the path and fire straight ahead. The hags only reappear when they are attacking you, at close range. - In the halls beyond the hags, you will encounter three statues. Talk to them. Inspect the statues, and to the first, give a coin. To the second, give the scroll you found on this same island, earlier, called "Heart of Stone".
- You will encounter a magical talking chest. Give it treasure, gems, and as many as you possibly can. As a reward you will get a moonstone shard that will magically empower your sword.
- You will see a man on a flying carpet. Manage to reach him, and talk to him. Be courteous and request to have access to his library. He'll open the passage to the library, in a room in which you previously noticed a mysterious structure.
- Go to the new set of stairs and climb down.

The Library Maze

The Library can be reached only after defeating the maze. Here are the basic guidelines for doing that successfully:

- Monsters: There are a lot of Fire Elementals. They roam the northern section of the maze. Some are hidden behind vases, waiting for you to break them. A way to handle them is to run and shoot at them with your sling.
- Behind a vase, in the northern section, is a fighter of great skill. Be ready to spar against her.

- At some points you will see the Hermit on his flying carpet. Talk to him and ask him about the location of the Genies Lords isle. Be very respectful of him, and do not lose your patience. Eventually he will tell you that in order to reach the library you need to get the magic carpet.

- Statues: At some locations, you will be faced with moving statues that seem to be attracted to you. When they initially reach you, they will cause some damage. They presence around you greatly slows your movement. A way to get rid of them is to leave the area they protect, and in order to get past them, you need to move fast and plan your route carefully. - In one of the rooms, many statues will run toward you. The only way to get past them is to push a level in the same room, which will turn them off. In that same room are patterns lit and unlit in a purple light on the floor. Light all the patterns to trigger passage to the next room.

- Bridges: there are levers next to each bridges. Whenever you reach one, pull the lever so the bridge allows passage to the other side of the chasm.
- At one location, you need to switch levers to activate a bridge and then rush to cross before the bridge goes back to it's original position. Once you cross you'll be stranded on a small plateau. In order to leave that area, take to book laying around. Read it aloud across the chasm. Then, proceed to the northern bank of the plateau, and attempt to get off until a green energy path appears. Get on the magical path and force your way on it until its patterns lead you to the main bank.

- Vases: break them all, several contain treasures.
- In a path way, the northern wall is lined with vases. Break the vases and walk on the broken remnants because the path to the south is lined with deadly traps.

- Whenever you encounter purple runes on the floor step on them. It causes them to become unlit in many places. There is a huge chest in the southern section of the maze, surrounded by impregnable spikes. When you have stepped on all the runes, a path of rune will enable you to cross around the wall of spikes and let you access the chest. - At another location, you have a series of flashing runes. Step on them in a row, as fast as you can. they will become all unlit at once for a very brief instant, and as a result, you will be able to cross the gate nearby, otherwise blocked by a wall of force.
- In the room of the moving statues mentioned earlier, you need to step on all the runes to light them up and activate passage to the next room, a skeletal bridge that will lead you to the flying carpet.

- In some areas, walking along a path triggers either flame paths or spikes to block the passage behind or ahead. Most of the time you have another way around.
- In one area an annoying wall of spikes next to a single statue blocks the passage to the north. In order to go around, deactivate the wall by walking to the south ledge, then, instead of coming back up the same way, walk across the bridge that you need to previously extend across the chasm, and come to the same statue from the western path.

Once you reach the flying carpet, fly to the adjacent northern platform, where a set of stairs await you. Land by flying overhead the purple rune, then climb down the stairs.

The Library

In the library you need to discover the name of the Genies Lords' Isle. There are two ways to do so.

- There is a secret passage in the northern section of the library. You can see Scaly Horned Ogres go through it. Behind a vase, past the secret passage, is a scroll. Break the vase and read it. The name of the Isle is Jaza'ir Jiza.
- You were given a mirror by the mage of the oasis' tower. Put the mirror in one of the two named chests:

+ Casket of Eternal Hope
+ Casket of Wordily Care (this one works faster)

Then talk to the Hermit, and keep on telling him you have a present for him until he directs you to put it in one of the caskets. By that time, he'll go check the caskets. When he finds the mirror, talk to him again, and you'll easily get him to reveal the name of the isle.

Here are some additional guidelines:

- There are several scrolls throughout the area. They all are worthless except the one mentioned above.
- There are several treasures in the library, beside the scroll that you seek.
- Monsters: + Scaly-Horned Ogres
+ Earth Elementals
+ Fire Elementals
+ Poisonous Spiders

Once you have the scroll and are done exploring for treasure, you can leave the library by the stairs. In the maze, climb on the Flying Carpet and fly to the stairwell leading outside. Next to it is a purple rune. Land there, climb up and return to your ship.

The Genie's Lords Isle & The Isle of Senat

This Island is free of wandering monsters. However, you will soon discover that its access is restricted, as giant fists of sand prevent you to walk toward the center of the isle.
Circle the isle to the west and south. Eventually you will reach a point where there is an opening amidst a semi-circle of ever-moving fists. Enter here and you will soon reach the Carpet of the Efreet in charge of admissions.
Ask the Efreet for an audience with the Genie's Lords. He will refuse and sound abusive. Keep your tone respectful, and insist. Eventually he will send you fetch the Wisest Snake in the world for his master. Go back to the capital city, where you can purchase it for a few gems at Reptilian Desires.
The Efreet will then ask you to get him the Hottest coals in the world. Go the the capital city and get it from Ha-Kim's Heating. When addressing the Efreet again, stress the urgency of your quest.
He will then send you get Idrid's Veil. You can get it from Ingrid's shop of wonders in the capital city.
Finally the Efreet will yet send you get him a last item: a Bottle of Eternal Emptiness. In order to find about its location, go back to the capital city and enter the Closed Inn. One of the two patrons will tell you that it is located on the Island of Senat.

Set sail for the Island of Senat. This is a fiery volcanic roc plagued by fire elementals. DO NOT FIGHT!!! The very fact of simply standing on that fiery inferno hurts! Just dodge the Elementals and proceed to the center of the isle where you shall find the bottle. Then return as fast as you came to your boat.

Return the bottle to the Efreet, and convince him to open it in order to make sure it truly is what you claim it is. Upon opening it, he'll be sucked it. Simply cork the bottle, and the path is clear. There are three features on the isle:

- The Agent of the Djinns: He roams the western part of the enclosure on a flying carpet. Talk to him, although that does not seem to lead to much results.

- The Agent of the Daos: His walks the eastern part of the enclosure. He will tell you how to reach the Djinn Lords through the chessboard.

- The Chessboard: There are 4 paths of entrance for the board at each cardinal point. Each leads to one of the the Djinn Lords.

+ North path: Go down 5 cases, east 3 cases and up 1 case. This leads you to the Marid, great lord of the isle. Talk to him, and be patient as he goes through his extensive tales of battle with the Efreet Lord.
He will express the wish to recover his Storyteller. He has her voice in a bottle.

+ East path: Go west 5 cases, up 3 cases and east 1 case. This leads to the Djinn Lords. The Red Lord is Saratah, and the Blue Lord Budisha. Address them by their proper names. When talking to them, one will
start on a topic and stop. Then address the next for more.

+ West path: Go east 5 cases, down 3 cases and west 1 case. This leads to the Dao Lords' underground lair. You need not be announced by the Dao guarding the bridge, and may just go past him if he refuses to grant you passage. Past the Dao is a flock of winged creatures which you will have to battle. To the south is a cell in which the mute story teller is held captive. Attempt to communicate with her. To the north is the Dao lord. He may deal with you if you have something of interest for him.

+ South Path: Go north 5 cases, east 3 cases and south 1 case. This leads to the Efreet lord. Talk to the entrance guard. He will request anaudience for you, but the Lord will refuse. The only way to reach the Lord is to cross the Chessboard, but if you enter it, an Efreet will launch deadly flames that will instantly kill you. You need a special
item to make it across. To leave this area, ask the Efreet guard to teleport you back. Be patient, and if he dismisses you wait a while and try again.

Dealing with the Djinn Lords requires a certain course of action:

- Talk to the Djinn Lords. they will tell you you need to address the Marid Lord.
- Talk to the Marid Lord. He will ask for the return of his storyteller in exchange of help against the Efreet Lord.
- Talk to the Dao Lord. He will ask for an Airy Jewel of Pale Blue Fire from the Djinns.
- Return to the Djinn Lords. Tell them of the prize required by the Dao Lords. They will require something from you for it. Say you'll agree to their price. They'll ask too much. Then say you'll sail to the end of the world to find the Ardonat Isle <sp>. They will rebuke you saying that it is a sunken isle, and reply you'll do it anyway. They'll reward you for your courage and give you the jewel.
- Return to the Dao Lord. Give the jewel, and you can go get the Storyteller. - Take the Storyteller back to the Marid Lord. There she will regain her voice and claim her freedom. Request the reward you are due. The Marid lord will give you an Efreet Potion.
- Return to the Efreet Lord, drink the Efreet potion and step on the chess board. The flames will not harm you. Walk to the Lord and talk to him. He will tell you of the Nameless ones, of the Genie's Curse. He will reveal that your own father is a Nameless One, and give you a moonstone shard to further empower your sword.

You may now set sail toward the Capital City and the Caliph's palace.

The Capital City and the Caliph's Palace ( Second Visit )

Go straight to the castle. Ask the Vizier for a meeting with your father. Your request will be denied by the Caliph. Proceed toward the exit of the castle. As you reach it, a servant will walk to you and tell you that Sumie, the head of the kitchen has planned a feast in your honor and wishes to talk to you.
Go meet Sumie. She's the servant wearing orange clothes and standing next to the fireplace in the castle's kitchen. She will offer help by telling you of a locked secret passage to the Dungeons located in the North-Eastern storage cellar of the kitchen. In order to get the key to the passage, she will tell you to go to the Office of trade in the city. Go to the Office of trade, next to the city's entrance. When the tenant asks you for what service you desire, reply that you wish nothing. Then proceed behind the counter and ask him for the key, letting him know you were sent by Sumie. He will tell you to get them from the Baker. Go to the baker, selling his goods in the open market in the
northern section of town. Ask for the Key of Bone, and he will oblige. Return to the castle, and talk to Sumie. She will explain that in order to reach the new dungeon where you father is kept, you need to cross the Old, monster infested dungeon. Also, she asks that you return the Key once you're done talking to your father.

Go the North-Eastern cellar of the kitchen, and climb down to the old dungeon.

The Castle's Old Dungeon

In your first descent in the dungeon do the following:

- In the first rubble-ridden room, there is a key along the southern wall, hidden by a boulder.
- Proceed to the next room. It is inhabited by Giant Poisonous Spiders. From the right angle, you may dispose of them easily with your sling. Move the rocks to clear the path.
- Proceed to the next room. You will find a secret passage in the eastern wall, leading to a cell. Leave the cell via the south, and you will be greeted by an awful stench. Follow your nose, and proceed east to the next cell, inhabited by a Cyclop.
- Enter the Cyclop's cell, but do not attack. Ask for a compromise. He will allow you to search his room if you promise to take him out of the castle's walls. Accept the deal, but ask him to first disguise. He will fetch a blanket and use it as a veil.
- Lead the Cyclop upstairs, to the kitchen. Sumie, alarmed, will intercept you. Tell her you must take him outside, and ask her to cover his scent with aromas.
- Lead the Cyclop out of the castle. Stay clear of wandering guards, and walk as far from standing guards as you can.
- Once outside the castle, tell the cyclop to remain disguised. Take him across the city, and to the shore.
- Once at the shore, he will tell you of the treasure of the nameless ones magically protected on an island.

Before going any further, sail to the treasure island. It is protected by Thorn-throwing bushes and Cyclops. Make your way to the walkway bound by columns. You will reach a large chest in a circular area. The area is trapped with lightning bolts. The way to reach the chest is to approach from behind. A frontal approach will make it vanish. Once you get the chest, you both will be teleported outside the deadly ring. Take the contents, which include yet another scroll to read before your enemies (the Nameless Ones).

Make your way back to the Castle, and proceed back to the Cyclop's cell in the Old Dungeon. Read the scroll lying around. The first step in this section is to open a door, and the way to do it is as follows:

- The cells may have inhabitants, so get ready for battle. One of the cells contains green-acid puddles. Once done in that room, you should make sure to close the cell door.
- There are 6 cells and a hallway. There are pressure plates in 4 of the six cells, and 2 in the hallway. There is, in each room a lichen covered wall. Each pressure plate corresponds to the nearest lichen-covered plate. For each of the 6 plates, do the following:
- Cover the Plate with a boulder, by dragging it on top of it, or by standing on top of it, if it allows you to reach the lichen-covered section of wall corresponding to it.
- Hit the Lichen-covered section of wall 8 times. A metallic sound will be heard, then a lever will appear. Pull the lever. - Once you did that, no need to remain on the pressure plate (in the hallway, you may drag the boulder to the next pressure plate). repeat the operation until the 6 levers are pulled, at which time the door will be unlocked.

Proceed to the next room. There, you will have two pressure plates.
Cover one with the boulder, and the other with the stone table. Then proceed to the northern wall, and hit the lichen covered section, and pull the lever in the same fashion you did it earlier.
Upon doing that, you will open an hallway lined with 8 locked cells,
and 8 levers will line the western wall of the current room.

- Pull a SINGLE lever, and hurry to the cell-lined hallway. - Find the open cell, enter, clear it of its fiendish occupants, and take the contents of the treasure cell. Each cell contains different types of monsters, including Earth Elementals, Skeletons, Hags, a mage etc... Repeat the operation until you've cleared each and every cells. - The center cell to the south will seem empty, and has a hole in the southern wall. This is the way to the New Dungeon where your father is kept. It is guarded by a fearsome Ettin. This battle will be trying, so be prepared. Do not hesitate to use any shards you may have in your arsenal. - Once you defeated the Ettin, proceed south, and you will reach the New Dungeon.

The Castle's New Dungeon ( Second Visit )

You must reach your father and talk to him. You may not be seen
by either the guards or automations, or the game is over. Follow the following guidelines.

- Observe the path of the Robots, and use the fact that they can not see very far, or at all behind them. The robots NEVER change their routes. - Make use of the open cells and the halls not frequented by the Robots. - Your father cell is located all the way to the North, in a section guarded by a single human guard. you must make sure not to be seen by the guard when going to talk to your father.

Your father will tell you of the Nameless ones, and that he used to be one of them. He will instruct you that reading their spells backward will weaken them. This applies to the scroll you have just found in the Nameless Ones treasure pointed out by the Cyclop.

- When done talking to your father, leave the section with the same care you used upon entering. The guard has a clockwise route, so go the same way, but do not run into him from behind, because he could spot you.
- Dodge the robots back to the old dungeons and then the kitchen. - Return the keys to the dungeon to Sumie.

The Castle and the Private chambers ( Third Visit )

Proceed toward the exit of the castle. You will see a scroll laying
next to a pillar. Read it. It is from a man named Obdel, and it instructs you to go meet him in the South Banquet Hall of the Castle. Go meet Obdel. He will tell you that the person responsible for all your trouble is The Vizier and that he magically controls the Caliph. He will give you a One-Time Use teleportation ring that will take you to the Vizier chamber so you may find the proof to expose him.

- Go to the Meditation, a room with weird tile pattern located in the South West wing of the castle. Activate the ring.
- You are teleported in the Vizier's Chambers, where one of his lieutenant is working. Sneak past from behind, toward the western exit. - You end up in a hallway. There is a guard roaming this long hallway. You must wait for him to do away and sprint into the western side of the the hallway, and hide behind a column.
- When the guard passes by toward the Eastern side of the Hall, go through the southern passage.
- There are two guards here, and a tea table. Push the tea table past the guards and wait. When they go after it, time yourself, and proceed straight to the SOUTH (ignore the opening to the east, it's a trap). - You will find yourself in the Harem Chamber. Talk to the woman to the East. Address her as Catspaw. She will recognize who you are and give you a key to the secret passage in the caliph's chambers. She will instruct you to put the key under the Caliph's Mattress when you're done. - Hide behind the door. She will call the Guards in.
- When she calls the guards in, get out of the room. BEWARE: be very careful not to hit the vase, for it will alarm them of your presence. - Proceed straight north for the Caliph's chamber. But Beware... The hall guard may be standing there. Timing is everything. If you're in doubt, hide behind a column, and wait to be sure the guard went away to the east. - In the Caliph's room, go to the Eastern Chamber. DO NOT TOUCH ANY TREASURE or you'll be caught by an alarm, and the game is over. Unlock the secret passage.
- You will find a chest and the Vizier's Journal. Take it. You may also take the content of the chest in this room.
- Return to the chamber, and put the key under the mattress.
- Proceed back to the hall, making sure to avoid the guard by hiding behind columns, and return east, to the Vizier's Chamber.
- In the Vizier's Chamber, sneak behind the Lieutenant, south and east and teleport back to the meditation Chamber.

Head straight for the South Banquet Hall. Talk to the Servant there.
He will tell you that Obdel got a message and left for his chambers. Go to Obdel Chambers, located in the center section of the South Western wing of the castle (room to the left). Go through the drawer of the piece of furniture. You will find a scroll. Read it. It reads that Obdel is supposed to meet someone next to the city's gate.

Leave the Castle, and proceed to the city's entrance. When you'll get close to the enclosure filled with wagons, you'll spot Obdel, waiting. Sneak behind a wagon, where you can observe Obdel, and wait. A mercenary will meet him. You hear them talking about the Island of Al'Katraz. Obdel was setting the Vizier up. The Caliph is the one who had the Vizier's Seal forged. He is under the control of the Nameless Ones. They were trying to get rid of the Vizier. Once the meeting is over, let Obdel pass, and follow the mercenary to the south, outside the city. As you reach the mercenary, he will vanish. Return to the boat, and set sail toward the island of Al'Katraz.

The Island of Al'Katraz

Upon getting on the island, you'll be attacked by a group of winged creatures, so be ready for battle.
There are 2 factions on the island's surface, at war with one another. As you proceed to either section, some guards will attack you. You may be able to pacify them temporarily. The leaders of each faction are located on a southern peninsula East and West, respectfully. Attempt to stop the war between them if you wish. I personally
didn't feel like it, and when they attacked me, after I said something that triggered them, I simply disposed of both factions. They have several fighters, and you may need to carefully prepare and go heal yourself between fights.
In any case, once the leaders have been laid to eternal rest, you will find a key on each to a shrine located in each section. Enter the two shrines, and meditate. You will be revealed the two words of the password to the prisons below the Well: HAMA and BAZAN. You can visit the other Houses. Persuade the wounded that your
intentions are honorable. They will tell you that the war between each side is due to the action of the Nameless Ones' magic under the Well. Proceed to the Well, and speak the words of the password while standing in front of it.

The Prison of Al'Katraz

The course of action in the prison is pretty simple: Kill and destroy everybody you encounter. Guidelines:

- Locate the Mercenary captain's quarters. There you will face several guards, including a pair of Cyclops, and the skillful Captain. - Enter the chambers of the captain. Take the Rusty key under the bed. Look into the water. You will see the features of a mage. Claim you are a delivery boy that ended up there by mistake. You will find notes that indicate that your brother's voice is in a bottle on Aballat's Isle.
- The mage will eventually come to investigate. When he does, kill him. - Proceed back toward the two cell blocks to the east. Free all the prisoners. One of the prisoner is your brother Tarik. Offer him a healing potion. You will soon realize that his voice was stolen and he was left mute.
- To the West are the monster-ridden dungeons. If you feel up to it, force the northern gate open and proceed east.
- Beware! if your brother is with you, the controls may confuse an attempted attack with an attempt to talk to him. Make sure to have him out of the way when you are engaged.
- You will meet several monsters and find a lot of treasure. The final room contains two Ettins. They are formidable enemies. Do not hesitate to use your arsenal of shards.

Return to the Ship with your brother. Take him below deck. Set sail for Aballat Isle.

Aballat Isle

Search the isle for bottle hidden behind bushes throughout the isle
You will find several of them. Open them, and set their contents free. In one bottle, located behind a bush on the north of the Island, you will find your brother's voice.
A few giant wolves roam the isle, and will need to be disposed of.
In the buildings, you will find people guarding bottles. Most of them are magically bound to do so, against their will. Hear their sad tales, release the contents of the bottles, and set them free.

Once you are done, return to the ship and go meet your brother below deck. Tell your brother to summon Muliban, your family's Genie. Muliban will appear and you will decide of the next course of action. Tarik and Muliban will go back to the Castle, and attempt to save your family from an execution, and you will sail toward the lair of the Nameless Ones, Al-Naqqil, reachable, now that Mulliban has blown the magical fog hiding it.

Al-Naqqil, Home of the Nameless Ones

You need to locate 3 magical necklaces that will allow you to walk past 3 sets of magically protected secret passages, and locate the gate to the extra-dimensional planes.


- You will encounter several Winged Minions, and a couple Cyclops. - In a section, to the North, you need to find a secret passage to the chambers of 3 mages. One of them will great you outside, and the others meet you in their quarters. You will find a necklace on them. - Read all parchments. They will tell you how the Nameless ones have been attempting to harness the powers of the Great Moonstone from Sorcerer Isle (the Island of your home, Zaratan). In order to take it they needed your father out of the way, and instigated the plot to frame them. They capture prisoners to feed on their life force, transmuting them into monsters. They hold your fiance, princess Kara, for that purpose, and you may already be too late. The nameless ones undergo a transformation as they use the power of the Moonstone, slowly becoming ethereal, and transforming into extra-planar beings.
- In a chamber to the South East, you will find a fading Nameless one in the process of burning evidence of their activities. His magic his even more potent than that of the previous mages. You will get a second necklace from him. You may have to cross a secret passage to get here. - There is a large room filled with beds. In the South-Western corner is a table. Smash it. A secret passage will be revealed beyond. - In the Eastern section on the lair, you will find another large room, protected by a mage. Inside the room is another fading Nameless One. Upon defeating him, you will find the 3rd necklace.
- Find a set of secret passages to the east, and they will lead you to the blue gate to the extra-planar dimensions.

The Outer-Planes

NOTICE: The saved game I included in this release will take you at the very beginning of this phase.

In the planes follow the Guidelines:

- Walk from platform to platform by pushing on the edges. Sometimes, stepping on an edge or at the end of the path triggers another path to open up. - On the platforms with gates and orbs, break the orbs. That will set the creatures imprisoned free. Defeat the creatures, and in some instances, you will free the prisoner that was being transformed into a monster. - On one such instance you will fight a Hag, and will find out that it was in fact Kara. You will have to leave her behind an proceed to find the Nameless Ones.
- You will Meet a nameless one at one point. He is no longer human. His magic is extremely potent. Although he seems totally ethereal, your magical sword may affect him, but you should use shards also. - On one Platform you will find a lone Globe. Break it and proceed on the next available path. This will take you back to the ship. You have destroyed the orb holding the shipmate prisoner. He will express his gratitude. Tell him that you wish to return to the outer planes to finish off the Nameless ones.
- One platform houses the Great Moonstone. You can break its influence on the orbs. Then touch it and it will heal you.
- Finally you will end up on a final platform, and be confronted by the last Nameless One. Hit him with all you've got.

Finally, you destroy him. Muliban appears and tells you that all went well, and your family was rescued. He magically heals Princess Kara and brings her to you. He then transports back the Moonstone to Sorcerer Island, and takes you to the Caliph's Palace to get married. All is well that ends well... for now...


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