Atlantis Walkthrough

The Solution

-  go to  the 2  guards and  ask for  the accommodation of   the companions.

( click guard , then click companion's amulet)

- up the stairs and on the left, walk up the stairs in the building

- upstairs is only one door - enter

- following the intermediate sequenz , talk to Agatha

-   go  to   Malschand   ,speak  to    him  and   click   the  "thumbs-down"


-   ask   Agatha   for   the  queen    and   then   click  the    "thumbs-up"


- leave  accommodation,down the stairs,to the  right,down the stairs,to the
left und up the other stairs

- talk to the woman on the right

-   turn   around,foward  once,and   then    right,back  up   to  the   wall

- go left and talk to person seated

- go  down (beginning  of the game)  and past the little  houses leave town

- along coastal road up to the guards

- talk  to guards,then prefer to  go back in the  direction of the town and
turn left to the fisherman's hut

- show the fisherman on the beach the companion's amulet

- you automatically receive an earring

- ask the fisherman about everything

-   back  to  the   palace  -  you    will  be   led  to  the   throne   room

automatically when you want to pass the upper stair's


- when you're asked ,wether you've found out anything ,

answer "no"

- go to the companion's accommodation , talk to agatha

- leave accommodation

- outside you meet Gastor,ask him about everything

- show the earring to Gastor

- go down the accommodation's stairs,to the right and

before the mainstaircase ,go to the left-direction

of Laskott

- ask Laskott about everything,then show the earring

then continue questioning Laskott

- tell Laskott,that you are prepared and follow him

in a short while around the corner to the right

- enter the door to the right and straight away left

into the corner

- when the guard's steps recede,quickly through the passage and to the left
up the stairs

(walking quickly= double left mouseclick)

- past the lion to the right into the back of the room

-   use   both   handles   to  bring    Atlantis,the   moon   and  the   sun

into one  line-the sun then being  in the position of  the little hand at 8
o'clock (Atlantis is the yellow spot

on the globe)

-   go  close   to  the   lion's  mouth    and  use   the  sheep   from  the

inventory on the lion's mouth

- go into the  secret passage and use the earring on the lock of the wooden

- go through the door and jump out of the window

-   go   to   the   already  known    person   seated   on  the   stonebench

and ask for the pub/inn

- up the stairs  on the right of the house, there around the corner and use
the flowerpot with Tumpf

- go down to Tumpf and take the knife

- enter the pub , go forward and talk to Laskott

- Malschand will enter and confront us "ready to kill"

- turn to the left, up the stairs (all with doubleclick

left),cut the rope on  the handrail!!! and then click on Malschand standing

- we're hearing a voice outside the pub(from the right) and follow the girl
to the path to the two iron gates

- enter through the left iron gate and talk with Agatha

(talk about all points)

- take the ladder in the back on the right and use with

the stonebench

- up the ladder , to the right , turn left use ladder on

wall and climb through window

-   walk   through   door,   pick  up    pinch   bar,   turn  around   (face

door), turn a little  to the left and use pinch bar on  the niche up in the

- go to the  cat on the wall in the back , stick the "thing" from the niche
into the hollow to the left of the cat's head

- enter the ratcatcher's and discuss all points

- accept the game offer and win ( dead easy)

- after the automatic sequence go to three-corner-niche

and press the star

- take  the trident off  Neptune and use it  in the hole in  the ceiling in
front of the wooden door

-   bring  back   the   trident  and    close  the   hole  in   the  ceiling

- walk  through the wooden door  and wait ,till the  guard is past the arch

-  now  ,  quickly  , walk  through  the  arch  to   the  left  to the  back

- right up the back up the stairs

- straight  ahead (noise,as  in "walking over  loose floorboards), straight
ahead and right around the corner

- quickly  forward (noise again), to the right  and stand behind the shelf,
which is behind the first guard

- use pinchbar with shelf, then jump through window

- talk with Agatha about all points

- turn around and knife on/with guard

- talk to Agatha , then take bracelet off corpse

- through iron gate, then with ladder climb over the

wall into the palace

- through the wooden door , open the secret passage

- down the stairs - wait halfway ,untill the guard's

steps recede, quickly down, turn right and straight

ahead through the wooden door

- right around the corner and walk through the wooden

door on the right

- with the elevator to the top

- at the top, walk outside and enter the first aeroplane


-   in   the   plane,    look    around(Eno   falls   asleep   automatically

and is woken by Hektor)

-  give the  bracelet to  Hektor(the plane  brings you to  your destination

- turn  around, walk staight ahead, then to the  left and straight ahead to
the bridge

-  before   the  bidge,  walk  to   the  left   and  dive   into  the  creek

-   staight   ahead  and   solve   puzzle    (make  a   snake-  each   piece

may be moved once only)

- climb  through the  hole, show the  amulet to the  priestess, turn around
stand behind the chest, open the

chest and put on the dress

- go to the table and take the bottle

- leave the kitchen, talk to the soldier ; use bottle on


- on the search for the queen you will be challenged by

soldier several times - just offer the bottle each time

- at a certain spot near the exit an automatic sequence

makes clear, where the queen is kept prisoner

- after the sequence  take the stick, go to the guard in front of the cell,
use the stick on the guard after


- open the cell, show the amulet to the queen

-   leave    the   cell,   clicking    the    prone   soldier(click.   moves

him into the cell), click soldier again to get uniform

- use dress from the inventory with/on the queen, then

discuss all points with the queen

- ask  queen to remove  mask, go back to  the kitchen and tak  to soldier (
click on soldier's symbol)

-   escape  through   the   chimney  and    go  back   to  the   plane  (use

way to the right of exit hole, walk across the bridge -

in front of the plane Hektor will talk to you)

-  after the  talk  turn into  the plane's  direction  and escape  into the
opposite direction

(always straight ahead, across the creek and then to the

right untill you get spoken to , in front of the wall

- wait with closed eyes untill you get spoken to, again,

walk forward and then into the wall

- solve the puzzle of the egg machine :

below is a  gearwheel with two strings to pull , the  smallest is to be put
onto the  first shaft to the  right of the gear  with the strings; directly
above fits  the gear with the red arrow; above,  halfleft the gear with the
moon symbol, below left fits the green gear wheel;

beside it  to the left the  large sun gear wheel,  left again fits the blue
gear and above it the yellow gear

- pull the right string four times

- solve the snake puzzle ( dead easy )

- search  for bow  and arrow in the  forrest (standing on a  knoll- walk up
left behind bridge )

- look for an  animal drawing on a rock in the creek  and dip bow and arrow
into the water there

- turn around, walk forward once

- take bow and arrow and shoot boar, which is crossing the

path about halfleft

-  if the  boar is  missed, just  turn left  and wait   untill the  boar has
crossed the path and shoot again

- if you don't hit it again, turn between the two paths

back and forth; the always turns up at the same spot

- at some stage you must achieve a hit to be able to

reach into the pig's snout and to click the bloodstain

for the inventory

- go back to the witch and talk to her

-  after  the auto.  sequence  talk to  the  witch again   about all  points

-   talk   to  the   arriving   priestess    and  then   leave  the   cavern

(auto return to fisherman's hut)

- talk to the fisherman, go with him to the hut talk and

then auto sleep

- go  into town, look for  the ratcatcher in the  known manner, talk to him
and then win the game of pinball

(do not try, to hit the falling rat with the leg, rather

angle the leg, before the ratball falls down)

- after  the fall  through the hole in  the floor, turn around  and use the
ball from the inventory on the hole in the wall

(the appearing picture is the solution for the throne room puzzle)

- turn around, along the hallway and then walk through

the wooden door

- turn around, pick up pitcher and throw it towards the

guard,  then slip  through  Malschand's legs  and  then walk   to the  right
through the door

- go to the right, use spear to barricade the door

- walk to the throne, solve the puzzle on it's back by

entering the combination (which , hopefully, is noted

down there)

- go down the stairs, along the left hallway and up the


- solve  the puzzle  in the middle  of the room  (use rhe bits   to fill the
diagram -right mouseclick to turn the bits) - the appearing statue contains
a further puzzle bit

- so it continues, untill all diagrams are filled

- touch the statue  appearing last, so it will stick out it's tongue, climb
up the tongue

-   up  the   stairs  and   several  times    to  the   right  to   pick  up

the fork in the niche

-   up  the   next   staircase,  walk    around   the  tree   and  use   the

the fork on the spot before the tree

-  pick up  the ball,  walk down into  the room  with the statues   and walk
forward, once (auto. sequence)

- leaving the room with the statues,walking down, along

the hallway, at the stairs choose left hallway

- follow the left hallway to the end, use fork on puzzle

then solve puzzle, leave town through the new exit and

go to fisherman's hut

- talk with the fisherman about all points, after receiving the cristall go
back into town

- walk  into the secret passage,  you just left (solve  puzzle), walk along
hallway to the staircase and

follow the not yet used corridor to the end

- solve  the puzzle through the secret door, then walk  to the right and go
to the already known room with the

lion's statue

- there open the known secret door and leave the palace

through the window

- walk in the direction of the pub and talk to the woman

on the "kerb"

- walk to the house, mentioned by the woman, enter and

talk to Lona ( some comments regarding the quality of

the german, as spoken by the "actors")

- talk to Anna, leave the house together and: following

her automatic escape, go to the pub

- enter the pub and talk to Tumpf only!!!, even, if Garstor should answer .
(sequence : Anna-symbol,

Kreon-symbol, Queen-symbol, Tumpf-symbol)

- go up the stairs, there walk through the door and

enter the room in the back on the right

- when it's calm outside, exit and answer Tumpf's

question with "yes"

- enter the room opposite our hide-out and here:

talk to Tumpf only (twice Kreon-symbol, then Tumpf-


- leave the room together with Anna and automatically

arrive in the known court-yard of a house

- give the cristal to Anna, then show the companion's

symbol to Anna

- with Anna use  the wellknown way over the ladder into the palace, through
the secret door, at the lion's down the

stairs, walk to the right, leaving the building, then

walk to the right, walk through the next door on the right to the elevator

-  use   the  elevator  and  on  top,  pick   up   the  bag  from  a  corner

- talk to Anna, stick Anna into the bag and enter bag

to inventory

- walk  towards the  hangar, talk to  guard, enter first plane  on the left

- Anna re-appears and the flight begins

-   after  the   landing   go  to   the    igloos,  talk   to  the   natives

and show the companion's amulet to the natives

-   following   the   auto.   sequence,    use   the   knife   with   string

on the chart, then with the string: click onto the stick

lying below

- use the new object on the hole in the igloo's ceiling

-   now,   go  to   the   light(colour)    igloo  in   the  village   centre

where you get a few pieces of a puzzle

- leave igloo, look  for igloo, where, on the floor, you can use the pieces
of the puzzle to form a star

- go down and then to the right

- after the auto. sequence, turn around and escape along

the hallway

- run through the door, turn around, lock the door, turn

around, walk to the statue and take the mask (everything

else will happen automatically)

- go to Anna, use knife on the ties of the hands

-  ask  Anna  about   the  statue  and  then   about  her  mother's  cristal

-   Eno  must   always  go   to  the    floor  mosaic   and  click   on  it,

which Anna sees in the cristal eye of the statue

--- do not dawdle ---

- pick  up the  statue on the  altar and leave  the room via  the open door

-  after the following  sequence, we do  not go  into the direction   of the
village but  to the  right (towards the  bear cave) and  immediately to the

- walk around the ice-berg in the middle of the path and

then back into the direction of the bear cave

- when  the bear appears for the third time, we  flee back to the ice-berg,
turn around (the bear must stand to the

left) and run around the ice-berg's opposite side to the

cave and through the cave - talk to the guard - auto-

sequence follows

- after the landing, talk to the pilot

- arriving below, talk to the pilot, again ; turn around

talk  to  the  chief,  then  go  to  the  lower   floor (  one  floor  down)

-  at   the  stone  house  take  the  rope/string    and  go  to  the  bench

- select  acrab and start the competition(i selected  in order the red, the
white and the brown crab and won 3:0

- you cannot steer or influence the crabs)

-   after   the   pilot's   left,  talk    to   the   chief  (right   click,

cursor point to chief's picture and left click) and

talk about all points

- show the small golden statue to the chief

-  go to  the  fallen statue  and ask  the chief  about the   "standing god"

- after his arrival, talk to Hektor

- go close to the statue and use the rope

- talk to Hektor(aeroplane-symbol), then enter the plane

- after the second , failed attempt to up the statue the

chief makes an offer

- go down to the boat, onto the boat - everything else

happens automatically, again

- after the statue is standing again, talk to the chief

(god-symbol), then accept his offer

- go to the boat, and off it goes to the "standing god"

-   go  to   the  rock-gate   and  solve    the  puzzle   in  front   of  it

(upper row : Blue, Red, Yellow, Green

middle row : Bird, Wildboar, Fish, Crab

bottom row : Earth, Stars, Moon, Sun)


- talk to woman on spinning wheel - no success

- walk into any corridor (not the exit, of course)

walk untill you see Kreon's hologram

- go back to the woman and ask her about Kreon

_ hand over the ball and again go into a corridor

- after the auto.sequence click on dice/cube and then

ask about all points

-   after   all   points   were   talked   about,   turn   aroundand   click

the   floor  with   the   new  ball,    then  click   on  the   green  field

- arriving at the top, walk to the right to the missing

stone/rock and click there

- it goes down a kind of "spiral pyramid"

- walk through the  rock-gate, pick up the stave and go back to the pyramid

-   walk  around   the   pyramid  untill    you   can  use   the  stave   on

the pyramid (about halfway)

- use the earlier received ball at the very top and go

through the now existing hole in the ground

- there, use the ball that's left

- automatically you arrive  at an aeroplane and land at the fisherman's hut

- enter the fisherman's hut and talk to the fisherman

-  again, enter the  aeroplane and  steer towards Kreon's  flying apparatus

- ignore  the call  and continue flying,  enter Kreon's ship,  use knife on
ties of Anna's feet, go to your

own plane, slip past onstorming Malschand to your

right and into the plane ( you automatically arrive

in the palace)

- via the lion's room, go to the ratcatcher in the known

manner, ask him about all points

- now, go to the library(the room, in which we in the

beginning of the game threw over the shelf)

- in  the library,  walk up the wooden  staircase, walk up to  the skull of
the, in the middle hanging, whale-skeleton; take the eye of the dolphin

- go to the already known room with neptune's fountain

and use the dolphin's eye with the dolphin's


- eneter the labyrinth and never go into the direction

of the minotaurus appearing

- somehow/time you you get to Kreon (hard to explain,

but quickly achieved)

- use the blue hand with Kreon's super-weapon and pursue


- use the blue hand with the head, turn around and flee

through the hole

- after  the "thing" crept out  of the hole, turn to  the left, pick up the
ball and use with the "thing"


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