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Registered ONLY cheats:
Type in codes:

Type in code: What it does:
[J] [A] [M] [Enter] The message "Now you're Jammin'" appears and you will get all keys and 100% health.  
However, this will also reset your score to 0.

 Registered AND Shareware cheats:

 Command Line Parameters:

Parameter:    What it does:
POWERBALL Enables all the type in cheats. This also requires that you hold down the left and right Shift    keys during the JAM logo intro. Don't hold them down until the white letters start to appear.    Once the PC-13 screen has loaded then you can let go. If you get all this right then you will    hear a "ching" sound (if you have a sound card).
TICS This will display TIC INFO in the score area.
MUSIC This enables the music test mode [Backspace] [Arrows] will change the music.
RADAR This displays a rotating overhead view during the game. However, using this will slow the    game down a lot on slower computers.

 NOTE: All the below cheats will work ONLY if the POWBALL parameter is active (see above).

Type in codes:
Type in code: What it does:
[Backspace] [G] God Mode!!!
[Backspace] [I] Gives you free items (guns, ammo, etc.).
[Backspace] [D] Makes you invisible (dumb objects).
[Backspace] [W] Warps you to a level of your choice.
[Backspace] [A] Adds actors to the auto mapper.
[Backspace] [B] Changes the border color.
[Backspace] [C] Shows you various statistics.
[Backspace] [E] Makes you immediatley win the mission that you are on.
[Backspace] [F] Displays your x, y coordinates and your current angle.
[Backspace] [H] Makes you lose 1 health point (works only if you are not in God Mode).
[Backspace] [M] Displays your memory usage statistics.
[Backspace] [O] Shows you all the hidden walls on the auto mapper.
[Backspace] [P] Pauses the game.
[Backspace] [Q] Exits the game very quickly.
[Backspace] [S] Toggles slow motion on or off.
[Backspace] [T] Displays pictures of all the types of walls, sprites, and sound waves.
[Backspace] [U] Unlocks all the floors.
[Backspace] [V] Adds extra VBL's (does not affect most users).
[Shift] [Tab] Shows full map with all live actors.
[6] [7]1 Gives you lots of items (gold, ammo, health, etc.).
[6] [8]1 Kills all the actors.
[7] [8]1 Gives you all bonus items AND kills all actors.

 1 ---- These three codes can work without the POWERBALL parameter.

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