Commander Keen: Episodes 4, 5, and 6

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 Type in codes:

Type in code: What it does:
[F9] [F10] Puts the game into Bos Mode.
[E] [N] [D] Makes you immediately save everyone and beat the game.
[B] [A] [T]1 Gives you all the keys, 99 ammo, and an extra life.

 NOTE: To activate the following cheats press the A, 2, and Enter keys simultaneously.

 NOTE2: Early versions of the games do not require you to do the previous step.

Type in code: What it does:
[F10] [G] God Mode!!! (Is ineffective against bottomless pits).
[F10] [I] Gives you all the keys, 99 ammo, a wetsuit, and 3,000 points.
[F10] [Y] Shows you all the hidden areas in the current level.
[F10] [J] Lets you use the jump key to fly.
[F10] [N] Lets you walk/fall/jump through anything.
[F10] [W] Warps you to a level of your choice.
[F10] [B] Changes the border color of your screen.
[F10] [C] Displays the current number of objects in the level.
[F10] [D] Records a demo for later use.
[F10] [E] Ends the current level quickly.
[F10] [M] Displays your current memory usage information.
[F10] [P] Pauses the game.
[F10] [S] Puts the game into slow motion.
[F10] [T] Preforms a sprite test.
[F10] [V] Adds 0-8 VBLs (Vertical BLanking Signals), slows the game.

1 ---- This cheat will not work in early versions of Commander Keen 6

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