Colin McRae Rally Cheat Codes

Type in the following codes during gameplay:

ALIENGOO - Jelly car
ALLWHEELS - Four wheel steering
BACKAGAIN - Drive all the tracks backwards (Finish to Start)
BEEFCAKE - Toyota Celica GT4
BIGGUNs - Double power
BORROWERS - Micromachines mode
CHOIRBOY - Nicky gets a squeaky voice
DARKSIDE - Drive all stages at night
DELOREAN - Hover mode
FREEWAY - Dnlock all stages
GIANTLEAP - Low gravity
HIPPO - Concept car
INTHECLOUDS - Secret track
LOTTOWIN - Enables bouns cars
ONTHEWALL - Mirrors track
PASSEDOUT - Nicky gets control
PRESSFAST - Pedal power
QUARRYVILLE - Secret track
ROCKETMAN - Turbo boost
SPECIALED - Replay transition mode
TROLLEYPARK - Secret track
TURNBACK - Forklift steer
WHITEOUT - Race all tracks in fog
WILDAYWORLD - Secret track
XCREDITSX - Credits role during demo

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