Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines Cheat Codes


Level Codes

level 2: 4JJXB or YS2B7
level 3: ZDD1T or 4MD1T
level 4: RFF1J or SFF1J or GDNCQ
level 5: 24TCG or DB5TK or K4TCG
level 6: QT1WN or 1IR4M or DT1WN
level 7: 1QVJV or DANJC or IH3W1
level 8: HZQXB or GWIJ6 or 52WJ7
level 9: FXIXT or 7IAX1 or 924BF
level 10: Y7HPD or SI8PT or PSGPW
level 11: ZEMDW or JFOP3
level 12: P6GDN or FWADF or 4MB4D
level 13: UJUWX or FYG4P or BJK4Y
level 14: KON4V or DYPD8 or TI8D1
level 15: AHQPM or F5C4Y or XQWDC
level 16: ZZLP2

Type "1982GONZO" during the game. (There is no zero in this cheat code). If that doesn't work, try "GONZO1982" instead.

Now, you have the following options:

CTRL+I-You are invincible
SHIFT+V-Trace user
SHIFT+X-Tele-transport (place the selected commandos under your mouse cursor)
CTRL+SHIFT+N-Finish the mission

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