Crusader - No Regrets Cheat Codes

Type in LOOSECANNON16 during game play and then:

When dead:


When alive:

F-Display object framework
H-Hack mover (Hold down shift, then click and drag whatever)
CTRL+V-Memory stats, version #, and other misc. stuff
F7-Display grid over level
ALT+F7-Display a different grid over level
CTRL+F7-Display yet another grid over level
F10-Full health, etc.
F10 (a second time)-99 clips of everything

Useful Command Line Parameters

-warp x-(where x is a #)-Warp to level x
-skill x-Change default skill level to x (useful when using -warp)

Useless Command Line Parameters

-asylum-Displays message "Enabling ENHANCED mode. (Not!)"
-demo-Continuously loop intro

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