Daggerfall: The Elder Scrolls

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NOTE: If you download the demo from the link above, you MUST unzip it like so -- pkunzip -d dagdemo.zip.

Type in cheats:

NOTE: To get these codes to work, make sure that you are not using one of the very first versions of Daggerfall.

First, edit the file Z.CFG in the main daggerfall directory (i.e. ?:\Dagger) add the line CHEATMODE 1 to the end of the file. Now you can use the following cheats during the game:

Type in code: What it does:
1 Sets your maximum speed to 1200 (6x the normal value!).
[Ctrl] [F1] Activates all possible locations on the fast travel map.
[Ctrl] [F4] God Mode!!!
[Alt] [F11] If you fall into the void, this will take you back to the previous object you were standing on.
[ + ] If you're in a dungeon, this will cycle you through the various quest locations.
- Increases your reputation each time you use this code.
= Increases your skills each time you use this code (to a maximum of 100).

Other Cheats:

Walk into a store when it is open and continue to loiter around until it closes. The shopkeeper will still remain but when you reload the game after saving he will be gone. Now since you didn't break in you won't be arrested when stealing things, so pick up anything you want without fear of being arrested!

NOTE: I have heard of people being caught before using this cheat, but so infrequently it isn't really a threat. However, this should be a reminder to save often.

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