Diablo (walkthrough)

The Butcher (Multi and Single)
Given by Wounded Townsman.

Go down to level Two (the Dungeon) and look for a room with lots of dead bodies inside and blood all over the floor. Open the door, and an Overlord called the Butcher yells out "Ah, FRESH MEAT!" and charges at you. He is fairly easy to kill and when he dies, he drops the "Butcher's Cleaver", a fairly pathetic axe.(Single Player only) Curse of King Leoric (Multi and Single) Given by Ogden Go to level Three, and (in Multi) just wander the level until you find him. In Single player, find the Tomb Entrance, and go in. The Skeleton King will say something about his supreme confidence in killing you (fat chance) Pull the levers in the outer rooms to open up the Tomb. Try to kill the Skeleton King first, using spells as he can Re-animate his skeletons, and is very deadly in hand-to-hand combat. When he dies, he drops the Undead Crown.

Poisened Water Supply(Single only)
Given by Pepin

On level Two, find the agea saying "to a dark passage" and go in. While in there, kill all the Fallen ones, Carvers and Devil Kin you find, and the three goat men. when you do so, the water in the cave will change from Yellow to Blue, and the quest is complete. Return to Pepin, who gives you the Ring of Truth.

Ogden's Sign(Single only)
Given by Ogden

Go to level Four, and look for a Dark One called "Snotspill" he will complain about some "big uglies" taking his banner, that he wants back. Go around the corner and kill the overlords. The sign is in the chest. Return the sign to Ogden for the "Harlequen (spelling) Crest"

Garbhad the Weak(Single only)
Given by Garbhad

On level Four, there is a Goatman called Garbhad. He wants "protection" from the things in the dungeon. Walk a full screen away from him, then talk to him. Repeat this until he gives you an item, then tries to attack you. Kill him, and get a second item. Quest complete.

Magic Rock(Single Only)
Given by Griswold

Go to level Five, the rock will be sitting on a table. Pick it up and give it to Griswold for the Emphyrean Band.

Halls of the Blind(Single Only)
Given by a book

After reading the book, a secret area opens up. Enter it and kill the "Hidden class" monsters. Your reward is the optic amulet. The quest is complete when you have the Amulet and all the monsters are dead.

Zhar the Mad(Single Only)
Given by Zhar

Talk to Zhar and he will give you a book to "shut you up" while he does his work. Take all the scrolls and books. When you take the book in the bookcase, Zhar gets angry and tries to kill you. Kill him instead. Quest complete.

Anvil of Fury(Single only)
Given by Griswold

In the caves, look for an area of land, a sort-of peninsula with lava around most of it, which is where the anvil is located. Kill the monsters defending the Anvil and carry it back to Griswold. He gives you Griswold's edge, a Unique sword.

Valor(Single only)
Given by a book

Take the bloodstone and place it in the altar. A room will open. Go there and get another stone. Repeat. A hall will open up, with Horned Demons inside. At the end of the hall is the armour "Arkaine's Valor"

Chamber of Bone(Single only)
Given by a book

Find the staircase going to the chamber. Once inside, kill all the Horrors and the Horned Demons. Your rewards are several magic items, and the "Guardian" spell.

Black Mushroom(Single only)
Given by Adria

Find the "Fungal Tome" in the Caves. Give it to Adria and she will ask you for a black mushroom. Return to the caves, and pluck one. Give Adria the Mushroom, and now she wants some of Pepin's elixir. Pepin want's a demon brain. Go back down, kill a demon, and get the brain. Give it to Pepin..... Hmmm. He doesn't need it anymore. Still, you get the elixir. Give it to Adria..... Hmmm. She doesn't want it anymore either! (*SIGH*) drink the elixir for +3 to all stats.

Lachdanan(Single only)
Given by Lachdanan

Go to level 15 and find the Golden Elixir, when found, give it to Lachdanan. In return, he gives you the "Veil of Steel" and a Random Magical Item.

Warlord of Blood(Single only)
Given by a book

In level 13, the Warlord is guarding the stairs down, with his escort of knights. Kill them all, and recieve the unique sword "Inferno" as well as some magical armour and weapons.

Archbishop Lazarus(Single and Multi)
Given by Cain

Single : Find the Staff of Lazarus on level 15 and give it to Cain. Return back down, and a red portal would have opened up. Inside the portal is a "Teleporter puzzle", with several grey circles. Eventually you will teleport next to him, and after a short movie, he attacks, with lots of hell spawns, and two bosses "Blackjade" and "Red Vex"

Multi : He's in the top-right corner of level 15. He's assisted by four Advocates, two Hell Spawns, "Blackjade" and "Red Vex"

Reward : Three Magical Items

Diablo(Single and Multi)
Given by Cain

Use the Red Pentagram to go down to level 16. Open up Diablo's area by pulling the Skull levers around the area. Kill Diablo.......Watch the ending.

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