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NOTE: For any ESC code to work, you must press the escape button first and then when it asks you if you want to quit press the indicated letter or letters in succession. In other words, these key are not pressed at the same time.

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What it does:

F1 Press this code in the options menu while playing to get 6 balls instead of 5. [ESC] F9 Changes the border color (does not work well on all monitors). [ESC] F10 Sends a screen capture to file Screen.pcx. [ESC] B  N1 Drops an extra ball. [ESC] J2 Gives you control of all balls on the field with the cursor keys.


Unlimited Balls:

At the DOS prompt in the pinball directory, type "Debug config.pin". After pressing return type e10b, then 00, then w, then q. Next time you play the game your ball cound should be 0 (or unlimited). Here is what your DOS screen should resemble (a little difference is alright) after all the debugging:

C:\pinball\debug config.pin
0D37:010B 06.00
Writing 006E bytes

  1 ---- This code works on all tables except for the Enigma table which will crash colorfully if this code is used.

  2 ---- This code does not work in the registered version.

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