Fallout Hex Editor Cheats

When you go to create a new character and then save it. Now exit the game, or switch to a new window. Using a hex editor find the ******.GCD file (where ****** is the name of the character you saved) in the DATA directory under the FALLOUT directory.

The last line should like this:

000001a0h: FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF 00 00 00 00

Change the last 00 to whatever you want.

Go back into Fallout. Go to CREATE NEW CHARACTER. Load the character you saved previously. You now have new attribute points available to spend. Don't go too crazy with the number. You can always go back and do it again.

WARNING: If you get a message: You Must use all your available points.... then go back into the hex editor, and change the last 2 digits back to 00. It means you maxed out all of your attributes at 10.


Similar to the other code that is posted, you need a hex editor.

Use a hex editor to access the .GCD file.
There is a series of 00 in the middle of the file.
Change all of the 00 to FF.
Now all of your character's skills will be at 200%.

Also, there is a series of seven 05 at the beginning of the file.
Change all of them to 0A and you will have tens in all of your stats.
Then you have to change the last two digits of the file to 00.
This trick even works with latest patch and even european version. no need to play with HEX edit.

At game start give self at least 55% on "gambling" skill. Get yourself to the "Maltesee Falcon Casino" in "The Hub." You will get directions in "Shady Sands" where you will also find your "buddy for life" Ian, if you offer him "slice of the action" or "100 caps" When you get to roulette table hold down numbers "1" and "4" along top of keyboard..use paper weight if fingers tired!

You will win unlimited "caps" Repeat and repeat when ever need more cash(caps). Then go outside and chat to the drunk. Say you want "something special" for 800 caps he will introduce you to Vance..the Arms Dealer.. go spend your winnings on some real fire power and some combat armour. dont forget to buy a good gun and some ammo for Ian sell it to him for almost nothing and then tell him to "use his best weapon" or he will carry on with just his knife!

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