G-Nome Cheat Codes

Type ctrl+F1 at the main menu screen and enter the following code during gameplay (case sensitivity counts):

A Scramble On-Gives you ability to make backrounds for Win95. (ctrl+shift then make square with mouse.)
Brass Clue-Lets you refill ammo, ctrl-Z to use.
Chaste Coed-Plays end movie.
Dunk It Here-Plays recording outakes
Had A Nude On-Gain invinceability (ctrl+I to activate)
Half Libel-Lets you teleport to waypoint or target, ctrl-B to use.
Horney Elk Leer-Access maxium-range radar
Mother Mourn Us-Changes mountain in missions 1-5 to mount rushmore with designers face.
Oh No! Less Japan-Gain Ion Cannon (note must push ctrl+X to work)
O'Sarge-Gives seargent in training missions Irish accent
Redtop Trod-Access any mission.
Rotted Drop-Lets you destroy targeted enemy in one hit, ctrl-I to use.
Swiss Throat-Changes citadel building to 7th level headquarters.

Type in the following codes during gameplay:

CTRL+B - Teleport Behind Target
CTRL+F - Destroy current target
CTRL+I - Activates Invinciblity
CTRL+P - All targets on radar
CTRL+Z - Refills ammo

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