Theme Hospital Cheat Codes

On the fax Machine screen, type these codes, or punch them into the phone number pad buttons, and then press the green button.

7287-After you win the level, you'll go to a rat shoot level.
24328-Enables in-game cheats. After typing in this code, you can do the following cheats:
SHIFT+C-Gain $10,000*
CNTL+C-All Reasearch completed*
Ctrl+M-Go to end of the month
Ctrl+Y-Go to end of the year

*Note: if you hear the anouncer chanting "A Cheat is running the Hospital" or The Hospital Administrator is Cheating", This does not mean it will be counted against you in the game whatsoever.

Use a hex editor to open your Theme Hospital saved game and you can change your money.
Go to offset 61A95, and change it to FFFFFF-Gives you a ton of money.

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