Jazz Jackrabit

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Type in codes:

NOTE: For any of the following codes to work, you must pause the game by pressing the P key, then press the Backspace key, and then enter the code you want.
NOTE: If you are uning the registered version you must put dd in front of the code you want to use. (i.e. ddbouf)

Type in code: What it does:
BOUF Temporary God Mode!!!
APOGEE Changes between 16-color EGA and normal video modes.
ARJAN Displays the message "HAHAHA."
BAD Gives you an escort bird.
CHECK Shows you some numbers at the bottom of the screen.
CSTRIKE Gives you the air-board.
DOOM The screen will flash red and all enemies will now be more difficult.
GREETZ Shows you a window that says "Arjan Greetz" and tells you some information.
GUNHED Gives you all the weapons as well as full ammo for each of them.
HOCUS Teleports you to a random position in the level you are currently in.
HOOKER Turns the screen greenish and takes you to a bonus level when you finish the current one.
[F10] [F11] [F12] This code must be entered at the level select screen and does the same as above.
KEN Quits the game.
LAMER Takes you to the next level immediately.
MARK You die and start over.
SABLE Turns Jazz a red color and makes him go much faster.
TIM Displays the message "Awesome."