MechWarrior 2

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 NOTE: To use a code you must hold down Crtl+Alt+Shift while typing the following during the game.

Type in code: What it does:
BLORB God Mode!!!
CIA Gives you unlimited ammo.
COLDMISER Turns heat tracking off.
DEI Prints the message "F I E F"
DORCS Meet the makers of MechWarrior 2.
ENOLAGAY Destroies all targets in the mission (usable only once during the simulation).
FLYGIRL Adds jumpjet capibilities to any mech.
GANKEM Destroies the targeted mech.
HANGAROUND Allows you to continue exploring a mission even after the time runs out.
ICANTHACKIT Ends the current mission sucessfully.
IDKFA Ends the current mission unsucessfully.
LAIRDO Prints the message, "ATTENTION ENEMIES don't mess with the blimp."
MEEPMEEP Enables time compresstion (UNMEEPMEEP turns it off).
MICHELIN Shows you the bounding spheres on debris and mech parts.
MIGHTYMOUSE Gives you unlimited jumpjet fuel.
TINKERBELL Gives you free-floating external cameras (press C to disable).
XRAY Lets you see through objects (press W to disable it).
ZMAK Enables time expansion.

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