Operation Body Count Cheat Codes

CD version
In the Body Count directory, type BCCDNSR250 then hit enter Start a level then press Left Shift+Alt+B to enable cheats

Left Shift+D = Max weapons
Left Shift+P = Plays current music track
Left Shift+I = Invincibility Toggle
Left Shift+R = Reloads all Weapons
Left Shift+S = Stops current music track
Left Shift+W = Warps to ant level

Floppy version
In the Body Count directory enter BC VFR750HONDARC45 this enables cheats When you start a level press the Alt+left and Shift+D keys at the same time if you do it correctly a message displaying "L1 Diagnostics" should appear at the top left of the screen

Backspace+F = Displays position
Backspace+G = Invincibilty toggle
Backspace+W = Warps to any level
Left Shift+Alt+W = Full weapons, repeating increases ammo count

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