OutWars Cheat Codes

Press ESC and then type in the following code (retail version only):

bigears: "Placeholder Sounds" On/Off
buzz: Glider wings
dirtyharry: Unlimited ammo
framerate: Framerate counter
gohome: Reset to the start position
keymaster: Unlimited jet pack fuel
macleod: Immortality
phantom: Spy on creatures using the F11 and F12 keys
singletrac: SingleTrac message
sneakers: Sneaker mode?
snipsnip: Change your characters gender (OUCH!!!)
thrasher: Thrasher mode : Shows all your enemies on the radar
timewarp: Mission timer On/Off
weaponcam: Weapon optics display. Follows your fired missiles, like the cameras in smart bombs

For the new Microsoft Game, "Outwars", you are limited on what armory and weapons you can choose in the Trial Version. Normally you would only have "Scout Suits and Combat Suits". Click on the "Scout Suit" and press the down key. Two new suits (Assault Suits and Dreadnaut Suits) should appear!!!

Now, with the weapons, click the "Rocket Pod" and press the Down-arrow key. You now have four new weapons! Finally, click the gun, and click the Auto-Rifle. Press the Down-arrow key. You now have two more powerful guns!!!

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