Powerslave (full version) Cheat Codes

Type in the following code during gameplay:

LOBOCOP-Gain all weapons and ammo
LOBOLITE-Turns off flash effects from explosions and guns
LOBOPICK - Gain all keys
LOBOSPHERE - Reveal map
LOBOSLIP-No Clipping mode (slip through walls (but you stick to the floor, no jumping))
LOBOSNAKE-Toggles "snake-cam"
LOBOSWAG - Gain all items
LOBOXY-Displays coordinates
HOLLY-Enables on a command line prompt at the top of the screen, where you can enter any of the above commands, plus any of these:
CREATURE #-Places creature of type "#" where you're standing (0 is Anubis, 1 is spider, 2 is mummy, etc.)
DOORS-Toggles all switches (open most doors and deactivate traps)
EXIT-Finish current level
LEVEL #-Skip to level number "#"
Entering a blank line will turn off the command line.

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