Quake 2 Mission Pack: The Reckoning Cheat Codes

Weapons and ammunition:
Press ~ to display the console, then type one of the following codes to activate the corresponding weapon.

give ionripper
give phalanx
give trap
give mag slug
give dualfire damage

Level select:
Press ~ to display the console, then type map [level code] using the following information.

xswamp-The Swamps
xsewer2-Waste Sieve
xcompnd1-Outer Compound
xcompnd2-Inner Compound
xreactor-Core Reactor
xware-The Warehouse
xintell-Intelligence center
industry-Industrial Facility
outbase-Outer Base
w_treat-Water Treatment Plant
xhangar1-Lower Hangars
xhangar2-The Hangars
xship-Strogg Freighter
xmoon1-Cargo Bay

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