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Registered Version ONLY:

Press the Backspace key during play to restore all of your energy and give you a death ray. However, the catch is that using using this will cost you all of your money. So, it is best to use this when you have almost no money.

Registered AND Shareware Versions:

Debug Mode

NOTE: All the cheats in this section require the following parameter to be set before you start the game.

At the DOS prompt in the Raptor directory type SET S_HOST=CASTLE (this must be in all caps).

Doing this will put you into God Mode, in which you will be completely invincible. If you start a new mission after doing this you will also get all possible weapons and items along with around $888,000.

Also with this enabled you can skip levels. To do this, just start a wave and then press Escape as if you were going to abort the wave. When the game asks you if you want to abort the wave say NO. Yes, thats right, no. Instead of canceling the abort, you will be aborted. However, when you go back to the same sector for another mission, you will start on the next level.

There is also a much more advanced level warp included with God Mode:

At the screen where you select your sector, you need to type in a 2 key combination. This means that the 2 keys are NOT typed at the same time, but one after the other. The first key is the mission you want to go to, while the second key is the exact mission.

First Key: Sector:
Z Bravo Sector
X Tango Sector
Y Other Regions
Second Key: Wave:
Q Wave 1
W Wave 2
E Wave 3
R Wave 4
T Wave 5
Y Wave 6
U Wave 7
I Wave 8
O Wave 9

NOTE: In the Shareware version, you do not need the first key at all and can just use the second key by itself.

Birthday Mode and Battlecow Mode:

If you change the date on your computer (type DATE in DOS) to the birthday of one of the programmers of Raptor you will hear a the goofy version of the Apogee theme song when you start the game and will also automatically be placed into Battlecow Mode! You may ask what, exactly, Battlecow Mode is. When in Battlecow mode you will hear a conformation noise when you start a new wave, and when you quit the game. Sometime during the wave you will see some small monkeys immitating lasers and throwing barrels at you while cheeping. Here are the three dates that will put you into Battlecow Mode:

May 16         (Scott Host)
August 28     (Rich Fleider)
October 2     (Jim Molinets)

Another way to get yourself into Battlecow Mode (although you will not hear the goofy theme song) is this. On the screen when you choose what sector to play darken the switch at the bottom of the screen. Then turn on all three red lights on the right of the screen (in v1.0 do not turn on the middle light). If you did this correctly, you should hear a conformation when you start the wave.

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