Rage of Mages Cheat Codes

During the game, press the Enter key, type the code, and press the Enter key again. (important note! all codes are case sensitive, so make sure thatwhen you type the first code, #Chicken the C is in upper case!)

#Chicken: enable cheating
#create (amount) gold: create money. example: #create 200000 gold.
#create None Gloves: creates mage's gloves to increase air skill (only works with mages)
#create Very Rare Crystal Two Handed Sword: creates a two handed sword useful in completing missions (note the caps in this cheat)
#hide map: close map
#event x: shows conversations from units in the current level. X is any number
#kill all: kills all enemy units
#modify army+god: whole party is invinsible
#modify self+god: your one hero is invinsible
#modify self +spells: enable all spells
#pickup all: picks all sacks (not including sacks in units)
#show map: open map
#victory: complete mission

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