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What it does:


Gives you $10,000.


Donates $10,000 to the city without cost to you.


Shows a screen about llamas. (Maxis's favorite animal)


Displays test information.


Displays your version information.

NOTE: The last two codes appear to be version specific as I could not get them to work in my game.


To get a lot of money for your funds just go to disasters and click on drought. Prices will shoot up and you can sell your funds for a lot of money!

To get unlimited feed and water for animals build a barn, then place a fence around the barn, with no spaces on the left, top, or bottom, but be sure to leave some room on the right. Next place whatever animals you wish in the open space and watch them go into the barn. The animals will never come out again, and also will never require food, water, or good conditions. Sometimes  you might get a message saying they need food and water, but ignore it. Inside the barn the animals will grow and multiply just  like they would if they were getting all the water and food they wanted. A note of warning though, you will have to watch the number of animals in the barn. If they multiply past the capacity of the barn, they will start to die off. So make sure and sell them before the barn is full. Also, there is a maximum number of animals you can have, but it is large enough that you will never reach it unless they are being greedy and excessive . . .

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