SIN Cheat Codes

/health 999 - obvious
/wuss - all weapons
/superfuzz - god mode
/nocollision - noclip
/wallflower - notarget

Easter Eggs:
-Transfer 900,000 from Elexis' account to Blade's
-Call the cinema line from the payphone using the quarter
-Shoot female in breast (what _was_ on their minds...)
-In the room where the table gets turned, _use_ the painting on the wall
to reveal a safe.
-On the computer, go to the command prompt.
Do a dir.
Go to that data directory.
There's five files. Type "type (whatever).ini"
The file has stuff in it, including
"wallpaper="c:\something\jlh-is-hot.bmp" -Frags
-during the chopper sequence.....
shoot the elexis billboard till it falls, it'll fall were the chopper
lands, if it falls through the glass, it's makes a ramp for water to
fill the first room and shorts out the first atm, if it doesn't fall
through u can look up and see it hanging above
If yer chopper gets shot down but yer character lives(the rockets hit
the chopper not u, very hard to do on purpose), it sets down in the
street, and u run till the police barracades outside by the reveolving
door and start the level from there
feal free to use this with no credit(though i'd like some if u don't
mind :) and don't quote me cause i wrote it sloppy :) -Q11

In deathmatch (haven't tried in in SP, but it prolly works too), you can
bind a key to   "togglezoommode", and it toggles the sniper scope zoom
on and off. It works with every weapon  too. -tin

Bank Codes:

Name                         Account #     PIN #
-----------------------     ---------     -----
Billge Yeates                303195         6666
Danny O'Brian                845724         9157
(Elexis) Ms. Sinclaire      010333         6969  *
Zak Belica                   060571         8303
Lowry P. Sweeny              601571         6672
(John R.) Mr. Blade         010345         2019  **
Biff Fugate                  002215         2635
Marc Weaver                  873282         2635

Tom Mustaine                 112029         2029
David Eddings                042171         5811
Mr. Logan                    101505         5769
John Doe                     ??????         ????
Harry Miller                 443344         4444
Pres. Skroob                 123456         1234
Beav Anderson                100372         3625
Ms. Dowling                  070677         5316

Hipnotic Interactive        081296         0000
Don MacAskill                021977         5334
Eliz                         272727         2727
Mark MacAskill               052881         6275
Ben MacAskill                032097         2361
Anne MacAskill               041384         2663
onethumb                     020298         5334
KillCreek                    422907         8252

Scott Alden                  012671         2600             
Christy K.                   642753         9084
Hank TAD Dwarf               050480         1984

* Ms. Sinclaire's account is the only one that you can wire money from
** This is the main character's account =)

(Be sure to enter all the account numbers in the atm's in the first room to see some clever quotes...)

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