Ski Free

Microsoft           Ski Free


Cheat Codes:

If you press the f key, you will speed up drastically. If you want to outrun the monster (see above), this is the way to go.

You can press the f, left, right, and up keys at the same time while jumping on a raimbow jump, you will get a lot of points.

If you need to get a lot of points, press the left and up keys while in the air during a jump (try doing this on a rainbow jump), and then press the down key sometime before landing. You should get a fair amound of extra points for this one.

To get a continous stream of points, all you need to do is to go under a ski life that is on its way up. As long as you keep under it, you will keep getting more points every second.

Another way to get a few points is to jump and then fall backwards. Not as glamours as the above cheats, but still helpful.

Fun Stuff:

You can hold the y key to go directly down slowly, and the x key to go straight sideways.

If you jump onto a dead tree, it will catch fire!

If you watch the little dog for long enough, it will leave you a little something . . .

If you are feeling especially vindictive, you can even run into all the people you want and watch them fall down!

By the way, the entire course is in one huge loop. If you can out-ski the monsters for long enough, you will end up back at the start again.

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