Streets of SimCity Cheat Codes

All cheat codes are entered using the cheat code dialog box accessed by pressing CTRL-ALT-X. Cheat codes are case sensitive.

Note: These codes only work in the Player's Choice part of the game. Cheat codes are disabled during Scenario & Network play.

beefcake beefcake-Gives you all of the machine guns, missle launchers, a mine dropper, smoke screen, and oil slick plus all the ammo for them. It also gives you shields, an airfoil, a hopper, military radar and shields. It does not upgrade the engine or tires that you have however.
Cow Frags-Displays Cow frags on scenario progress screen
cruise control-Turns on cruise control.
im back-Repairs all damage.
lock and load-Refills ammo.
mr fabulous-Makes the player invulnerable.
Sampo-Gain $999,999


moon-Sets gravity equal to moon gravity
mars-Sets gravity equal to Mars gravity
earth-Sets gravity equal to Earth gravity
jupiter-Sets gravity equal to 4 times Earth gravity

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