Urban Runner Walkthrough

        This is a walk through solution to the game Urban Runner. As in my
other writings, this document only presents the essentials. THIS IS NOT A
PERFECT SCORE SOLUTION. Things were intentionally left out for you to explore,
after all, a walk through does not need to spoil the whole game, right?
        Although the point and click interface in this game is very user
friendly, I still suggest you read the game booklet and be familiar with the
controls before starting this game. Also, remember to examine EVERYTHING, both
in your inventory and in your memory. Vital information are often store there.
        WARNING: There is a bug causes an critical error whenever you try to
load a game not saved using the current CD# in the drive. When restoring a
game, make sure the correct CD is inside the drive.

Copyright Notice

* Urban Runner is copyright 1996 of Sierra On-Line, Inc.
* Urban Runner is a registered trademark of Sierra On-Line, Inc.
* This file is copyright 1996 by Johnny Chu. This file may not be reproduce
  in whole or in part and in any form or by any means without written
  permission from the author.

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        What a way to start this game - trapped inside a basement. To get out,
you need to set up a trap to knock the guard out.
        Turn around and approach the changing room locker to examine it. You
will find a fishing line and a fishing hook. Go by the stairs to use the
fishing line on it. Go up to the door to yell to the guard, then use the
fishing hook on this feet. Examine the guard to take his nail file.
        Turn around and go to the far end of basement. Walk towards the wall
to examine the central brick. Use the nail file on the brick to remove it and
get out.


        To survive the labyrinth, you must pay attention to the movie footage
appeared on the corner of the screen. The footage shows where the guard is and
when he gets too close, you must run to another room.
        Go down the corridor to the room with cubbyholes. The corridor is lid
by yellow light. Once you are inside, turn right and remove the wedge
underneath the bench. Approach the cubbyholes and turn on the light switch by
the door. Examine the shelves to get a map of this area.
        Examine the map and you will see some side connections between rooms.
The guard will not use those connections, so use them yourself to evade the
        Get out of the room and go to the one with document transporter. The
corridor was lid by red light. Once you are inside, find the doorway lid by
green light. Besides and above that doorway is a fuse box. Zoom in on it to
remove the fuse from the shelves light holder and insert it into the wall
panel fuse holder.
        Go back to where you enter this labyrinth. You will find a wall panel
besides the well. Open it to examine the poster inside. This poster shows how
to operate the document transporter. Take note on the instructions. Note that
this is the only time in this game that you actually have to take note. The
auto note function works fine in the rest of the game.
        Go back to the document transporter room to relocate the fuse into the
document transporter fuse holder. Use the transporter by pressing button
combination red, red, green and red. Pull on the handle to open it and remove
the manual inside.
        Relocate the fuse once more into the pump fuse holder. Insert the torn
out page you found into the newly discovered manual to make the manual
complete. Read it to learn how to operate the pump. Go into the doorway lid
by green light.
        The flow control valve is located at the bottom left corner of the
screen. Not far besides it at the bottom of the screen is the flow meter.
Turn the flow control valve clockwise until the flow meter reads `576'.
        The pressure floodgate valve is the other valve you see. Turn it
counter clockwise until the manometer reads `2'. You can access the manometer
near the top of the screen. Once the settings are correct, you can start the
pump by turning it on to drain the water tank inside the room with cubbyholes.
        Go to the room with cubbyholes and climb down the water tank to exit
this area.


        Find the halogen flashlight on the right of the screen and use it on
Eraser. Kick on the ball on the floor to knock him over. Step onto his
revolver to fight him. Grab the film rolled onto the floor.


        Remove the plank at the base of the wall, then turn on the light
switch besides the ladies'room door. Open the door and hide behind the hiding
place. Wait for the woman and after she entered the ladies' room, get out
from your hiding place and use plank on the door to lock her in.
        After you entered the other room, turn off the switch on the left
wall and pull onto the cable hanging in the center of the room until you have
it loose. Take the oil can in the center of the room and use it on the floor.
Switch the wall switch on and wait for your `friend' to arrive.

Hotel Adda

        Show your police ID to the customer in black blouse and she will tell
you the other girl got your room key. Show your police ID to the other girl
to have the keys return to you. Go upstairs to pick up the earring on the
        Apply your room 227 key on room 227 and a cleaning lady will show up.
Give the earring to her. Try opening the door of room 225 and the lady will
tell you some information about it. Go back down and talk to the thief again
so she will do you a little service. While she is talking to the receptionist,
use your match on the rubbish bin to set up a small fire. The receptionist
will rush off and this is your chance to take a look at the register book.
Apply the photo in your inventory onto the match book to get the club logo.
Examine the logo and you will have the phone number to Club Zanzibar. Use the
phone in hotel lobby to phone Club Zanzibar, then phone receptionist to cancel
the reservation to room 225. Talk to the receptionist to rent room 225.
        Go up and enter room 225. Read the paper besides the phone and place
a in house call to room 227. Phone bar to order a bottle of champagne. Talk to
Adda when the champagne delivers.

Pool Hall

        Knock on the door and show your police ID to Sergio. After he opened
the door, give him the gold watch you found.


        Use the chalk on keypad to see which keys were often used. Key in a
random number and the game will proceed. When you hear Max's cue, go out and
walk over to the lady using the keypad. If you got it right, you will see
several digits. Key in `0249' to open the door.
        Take the plastic cup on the table and use it on the guard's right
hand. After he got up and went to the bathroom, punch the keyboard on his
table to release the elevator control. Use the elevator to go up.
        Walk down the corridor to open Marco's office door. The door is locked
and Adda will tell you Marco hid a spare key in the cupboard. Open the
cupboard and examine the card punch to get the key. Remember to clean up
afterwards. Unlock and enter Marco's office with this new found key.
        Turn on the light switch and start searching the office. You will find
a letter, a document, an advertisement and a magnet on the notice board next
to Macro's chair. Examine also the pencil holder on the desk to find a bottle
of ink and a wire. Attach the wire to the safe's locking mechanism, then
attach the electronic diary to the other end of the wire.
        Activate the diary to key in the secret code `227'. On the password
prompt, key in something and Adda will tell you a clue. The password is
        The guard will start his round at this point. Turn off the office
light and lock the door. Then hide inside the closet. Once you are inside,
use the magnet to lock the bolt behind you. Wait until the guard checked out
this office and you will leave your hiding place. Go back out to the corridor
and hid inside the cupboard.


        Search the van for a postcard on it's inside, a tongs under the
blanket, a capsule and a laundry ticket in the jacket. Examine the postcard
and laundry ticket, then place a call to the delivery man's girlfriend. Exit
the van and use the tongs on the delivery sheet. Examine the sheet for the
warehouse phone number and Elite's lab address.
        Go to the back of warehouse to climb into the small car. Use the car
phone to call the warehouse supervisor. While leaving the receiver off the
hook, use the other phone you see to phone the van. Place the two receivers
together to keep both man occupy.
        Go to the front of the warehouse to exit.


        After a lengthy movie, you will find yourself in an dead-end alley.
Go to the exit of alley and when you see the truck coming at you, roll under

        At this point, you can choose either to play as Max or Adda. It
doesn't matters as eventually, you will need to do both stages. Let's choose


        You must hide your inventory well to get pass this point. Put the
capsule into the bowl on the bedside table. Open minibar to remove the bottle
of whisky. Examine the label attached to it and put your police ID inside it.
Pour the bottle of ink onto the Elite file.
        Wait for the inspector to arrive and grab you. While outside, pour
some ink onto the blanket and slam shut the boot lid.

Newspaper offices

        Look discreetly into the office to learn the situation. Go to mail
area to take the mail and glue. Proceed to coffee area to boil some water.
While there are still steam going out of the coffee machine, use the mail on
the steam to open the envelope. Put Max's message into the envelope and seal
it again with the glue.
        Go into the office and give the mail to Feddy. After you removed the
green file from the cabinet, push over the box of paperclips on the desk. Talk
to Feddy after you tidy up the place. Proceed to coffee area and make some
coffee, put the cups onto the tray and bring the tray into the office. Pour
coffee onto inspector's raincoat so you can have an excuse to remove it.

        Another choice can be made at this point. As before, let's choose Max.


        Give whisky to chauffeur to befriend with him, then go to the service
to examine everyone there. Especially the doctor's glove. Exit the cemetery
and walk over to the blue car parked outside. Take a look into it to confirm
it is the doctor's car. Open the tailgate and remove the music score and heart
medicine from the glove compartment. Drop the medicine into the whisky. Use
Paul's keyring on the car's rear tire valve, then go back into the cemetery.
Give the drugged whisky to the chauffeur.


        Take the stick besides the door and stick a piece of caramels onto it.
Use this stick to remove the mail from the door's mail box. Read the mail to
learn about the security system in the lab. Climb over the fencing to go to
the garden area.
        Use the binoculars hanging from the tree branch to scout the area for
three security cameras. They are all hidden inside the glint. You should see
a flash in the glint when you look at the proper location. Zoom in to confirm
the existence of the camera. Search the megpie's nest for the key to back door
and use it to enter lab.
        Search the drawer for a tape recorder, then remove the glasses. Search
the rubbish bin for a card schematic and a piece of wire.
        Zoom in to the audiocode control panel besides the door and use the
glasses on it. Use the music score as your guide to key in the proper
sequence. The sequence is `E-E-F-G-G-F-E-D'. Search the lab coat for a pair of
wire strippers and use it on the wire coming from the safe. After you stripped
the wire, short circuit it by attaching the piece of wire you found in the
rubbish bin to it. Take the microfilm in the safe and examine them under the
microscope. The codes you see are actually roman numerals, so CLI is 151 and
MIV is 1004. By translating them, you will have two of the three codes
require in later stage.


        Take shelter at the earliest possible moment. When you are out of the
diner, throw the pair of glasses in your inventory into the rubbish bin by
the walkway.


        Inside Adda's handbag, you will find the inspector's card. Show it to
the hustler to earn a free game. If you can find the right card three times,
the hustler will give Sergio's watch to you. It would be easier if you save
game before and after each guess, this enables you to choose another card if
you picked the wrong one.
        Examine the Elite file to learn a secret drawing. Use Paul's keyring
on the slots to open the door. Turn the left most one four times, then turn
the middle one twice follow by turning the rightmost one once.


        Take the bell and go right. Place the bell on the window sill and exit
the area. When the bell goes off, go into the room. Use your knife on Kevork
and held him as hostage. When the show is over, use the magnet on the door
control system to unlock the door.
        Activate the watch according to the instructions in the Elite file and
use it on the door's security system located besides the door. Just in case
you still experience difficulty, here's the procedure:

        1. Pull winder;
        2. Remove winder;
        3. Use winder on center;
        4. Use winder on hole;
        5. Turn the watch around;
        6. Turn the disc;
        7. Turn the outer ring to the positions marked by the three newly
           appear marker. Starting from the lower left and work clockwise;
        8. Turn the watch around;
        9. Push winder

        Once you are inside, forget about the console and start looking for
weapons. You will find a laser and a remote control unit in the drawers
beneath the desk and a insecticide behind the desk. Zoom in on the remote
control unit and enter room number A2. Use the control on the receiver by the
red door. You will hear an explosion.
        If you had not done so, put the card schematic you found in the lab
back in one piece. This schematic will help you identify a particular circuit
board and tells you what switch to set. If you experience difficulty in
putting the schematic back, skip this step. This is not that important.
        Turn left to face a three door intersection and wait. When Kevork
enters, use insecticide on him. When Eraser enters, use laser on him. After
choosing whether Adda lives or die, search Kevork's pocket for his keys. Turn
to the console.
        Activate the console by using the switch on the upper right hand
corner. Eject the 4th card from the left by pressing the corresponding card
eject button. Insert the card into slot and set switches 2, 3 and 6. Press the
small red button besides the switches to validate the code.
        Key in `151' on the digital keypad below the card slot and insert
Paul's keyring into the key hole to verify the code. Key in `1004' on the
digital keypad below the card slot and insert Tony's keyring into the key hole
to verify the code. Key in `10' on the digital keypad below the card slot and
insert Lev's keyring into the key hole to verify the code.

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