Unnkulia One-Half: The Salesman Triumphant Walkthrough

Exit inn & a warrior give u a ball of light & axe.
Enter the storeroom & move the floorboards there. Go down the passage.
OK so now u know what u have to do - more or less.
Hit the brick wall with axe twice.

U need to open the gate by unlock the golden padlock with 4 keys.
Cheez key - U have that. Just don't eat it.
Gold key - Examine ur cheez cutter. Looks like a key ?
Dip it in the gold pool.
Silver key - The gambler has it. He seems to know ur coin is tails weighted.
Put the coin the cheezdom machine. Kick it for a refund.
The new coin is heads weighted. Go ahead & flip.
Copper key - It's in the chimney.
U need a baloon to go up it or do a bungee jump down it.
There is also a crown in the chimney - time for a bungee leap.
Wear the belt found on the skeleton.
Attach the bungee cord to the chimney hook & ur belt. Jump.
Get the crown revealing a key which u miss.
Remember to drop the cord after u get the crown.
Cover the geyser spout with the cheezdom. Go NE.
This time u grab the key & drop the cheezdom.

Unlock the padlock with all the keys, gold last.

Go through the gate area. The bird statue asks for new life.
Go NE. Someone give u a backward time travel box.
Put the cooked egg in the box & press the button -> raw egg.
Put the egg in the nest up a tree in the woods near the inn.
Wait for a bird to come & hatch it. Grab the chick.
Go back & show the chick to the statue -> jewelled egg.

Go out through the beak.
Show the cheez key to the bicorn & it follows u.
Go to the area with the fairy -> sieve.
Go to se & e.
Examine the stream here. Something glistening ?
Dip the sieve in water -> pyrite.

Still short of 2 valmids ?
Give ur pillow to the idling Valley Patrol -> coin.

Give all ur valuable stuff to the innkeeper.


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