Wages of War Cheat Codes

Make sure the Caps-lock button is activated, then hit "Enter". Then type "BLOOD MONEY" to activate/deactivate the cheats.
After typing "Blood Money", type "Enter" and then one of the following codes:

911-Gain 10 First Aid kits
ADJECTIVES-Max out all mercs
BANG-Activate all damage links
BILLL-Max out current merc
DEADMAN-Kill all enemies
ELBOW ROOM-Gain 999 action points
EXPLODE-Activate all destroy links
FULL MAGAZINE-Abdul's magazine gets two of everything
HOUR-Add one hour to game time
LIBERTY-Gain all weapons and max stats
MMIN-Add 5 minutes to mission time
MORTAL-Average stats
NOUN-Gain max health
OH BOYS-Turn clown theme off
OH DARN-100 random mortar rounds launched
SET MINE-Place mine at current merc
SMOKE-Gain 25 smoke grenades
STATS-Max stats
TIMERS-Gain 10 satchel charges and 10 timers
VERB-Gain extra ammo

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