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POT OF GOLD Gives you 10,000 extra gold and 5,000 extra lumber.
CRUSHING DEFEAT1 Makes you lose the current level.
HUMAN##1 Warps you to level ## of a human campaign.
ORC##1 Warps you to level ## of an orchish campaign.
HUMAN##1 Warps you to level ## of a human campaign.
EYE OF NEWT Gives magic users all the spells possible.
HURRY UP GUYS Speeds up building of structures and men by about 200%.
IDES OF MARCH1 Makes you win the game.
IRON FORGE Gives you all possible technology.
SALLY Shows you the entire map.
THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE1 Makes you kill the enemy with one attack of any kind.
YOURS TRULY1 Makes you win the current level.

  1 ---- This code will ONLY work in the registered version of the game.

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