Wing Commander: Prophecy Cheats

In the cockpit, type in the following codes:

alswantsmoreships-Allows you to pick both Kilrathi and Alien ships in the simulator missions.
dynomite-Enable basic Debug mode/Cheat code. Then type in:
CTRL+C-Toggle collisions
CTRL+I-Toggle Invulnerability
CTRL+F12-Destroy targeted enemy
goodtarget-Changes targeting mode
moretunes-Allows you to pick sounds from the soundtrack.

Using a hex editor, open the PROPHECY.EXE file and edit the following addresses:

422b7 change hex 48 to 90
65777 change hex 49 to 90
659C9 change hex 48 to 90

This gives you an unlimited cannon ammo, missiles and decoys. No ammo, missiles or decoys will be deducted from your arsenal.

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