Worms Cheat Codes

At the Weapon Options screen, type BAABAA (AABAAB turns it off) and you get 2 new weapons and a new tool:

Exploding Sheep (replaces land mine)
Banana Bomb (replaces grenade)
Gain 360 degree movement on the Ninja Rope

I have another cheat in the game "Worms". Choose Ninja rope, then turn your worm to the right, aim as far down as he can aim, and fire. Then push Down arrow key and you will fly up in the air. In the air you can move to the left only, but if you have the cheat "BaaBaa" activated you can bounce back to the right. This is a good technique to use when in a low place with an opening above it and you dont want to use your turn up with a teleport!

If you have Worms Reinforcments, the BAABAA and AABAAB cheats won't work. Instead, use BOBJOB to turn the cheat-mode on, and BOJBOB to turn it off.

Buzi weapon cheat

Select the Bazooka, aim it at a worm and DON'T fire! Pull up the weapon menu, hold F1+SPACEBAR then select the Uzi... POW! You shoot Bazooka bullets and they have the same power! A deadly weapon for the challange games.

Infinity Mole Bombs
1.  Run DOS
4.  A dash like this should show up "-"
5.  Type E12C8 [ENTER]
6.  At  00. type in FF [SPACE] FF [SPACE] FF [SPACE] FF [ENTER]
7.  Another "-" should show up.
8.  Type W [ENTER]
9.  At the second "-" type Q [ENTER]
10.Then run Worms  (Just type WORMS [ENTER])
You will have Infinity Mole Bombs!

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