Van Gogh

In Europe, meanwhile, other postimpressionists were making use of the discoveries of the impressionists but were carrying the movement further in various directions. One of these was Vincent van Gogh, a Hollander, who in his short and troubled life left a large number of exciting paintings.

   For a time he was in the service of the church, working among the poor, and the sense of compassion which he felt toward people is seen in his paintings. Whereas Seurat was interested in solidity and form, Van Gogh was interested in expression and emotion. To him, all the world was an expression of vitality and meaning. In 'Bedroom at Arles' he has painted a picture of the small room in which he stayed while he was painting in southern France. By applying the pigment so that each stroke is visible, he gives the forms a feeling of life and energy, and the room is transformed into a thing of vibrant wonder.

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