The Adventures of Maddog Williams in the Dungeons of Duridian Walkthrough

The Adventures of Maddog Williams in the Dungeons of Duridian (henceforth to be referred to as Maddog Williams) is a game developed by Gamecrafters. The full version can be downloaded from their site at, provided that you send them a little email saying that you have downloaded it. All this info was provided for those people who may have simply wondered `What the heck is Maddog Williams?', or perhaps for those who actually thought the game was about a real, mad dog. In case you are one of the former or latter, go and download it. It's something like a text adventure which isn't done by Sierra. The graphics are pretty good, especially for a game dating all that way back. (1992, a few million aeons in computer terms.)

Walkthrough Information
I tried to make this walkthrough as easy to understand as possible. Here're some different types of text I use to indicate different actions.

Text used Action
Type this into the command line on the screen, and usually, press `enter' after that.
Text here i.e. Walk around until an elephant falls on your head.
Just DO it. (not meaning to copy Nike.)
* i.e. <GET JUG>*
Take special note that the action might not be able to be carried out because of some reason or the other, or something out of place.

Last but not least, I am in no way affiliated with the creators of the game. I just wrote this walkthrough because while I was playing the game, I sometimes found it hard to get past certain areas, even when the hints (downloadable from Gamecrafter's website) were exhausted. And upon surfing the net, alas, there weren't (and aren't, still) any walkthroughs! I suspect that it is because the game isn't very well known. Anyhow I have made one now, so you all can find it if you search real hard, or go on over to my webpage. I have walkthroughs for Eco Quest 1 and Leisure Suit Larry 3 there too, in case you're interested.

Walkthrough (yes, finally.)

Maddog's House
After you've woken up, walk to the dresser. <OPEN DRAWER>,<GET SOCKS>. Go to the shelf. <GET SWORD> and walk downstairs. <GET BREAD> from the table, walk to the other side of the room and <OPEN CABINET>. <GET CUP>. Exit to the left. Walk to the big fat oblong thing with a key sticking out of it (aka a beer server) on the counter and <GET DEVICE>. Next go nearer to the black box next to it, <OPEN BOX>, <GET COINS>. Exit the house by going out of the door in the middle of the screen.

Walk west of where you are. <GIVE BREAD> to the elf, and <GET BOTTLE> when he gives it to you. Go east past your house and kill the pirate. I don't think this is necessary but you should do it for practice, there will be many more monsters in the later part of the game. Go south, then west and enter the pub. <GIVE SERVER> to Pete. <ADJUST SERVER> to make it fly a little farther. Whoops! Now they're after you aren't they. <CUT ROPE>. After you're thrown out of the bar, go west. <BUY AXE> from the man, then walk over and <GET AXE>. Walk south, then west. Go to the wagon (near the tree) and <GET ROPE>. Travel east, then south and enter the hole in the tree. You have to save the girl. If you look carefully there's an entrance to a passage if you walk immediately up and to the left, you'll enter the passage. Walk for a while and you will find yourself behind the statue of Malthazer. After the evil monks have talked, <SAY NO>. Return to the torture room and <FREE GIRL>. <GET AMULET>, and when she's left, <GET ROPE>. Exit the place and go to the wagon screen, then walk west and cross the bridge. You should be at the screen with the quicksand. <CHOP TREE> and <PUSH TREE>. Don't cross it yet, go north. Save your game, you might get lost. (By the way you should be saving your game by yourself without me reminding you, just that now it is extra important to save. Yeah.) Go north, west, north, west, and keep on going in this pattern till you stumble upon a clearing. On the way, at random, there might be a forest screen with mushrooms on it. <GET MUSHROOMS>. Don't worry if you faint, you won't die. At the clearing walk east, you will see a door. <SAY FRIEND SOFTLY>. Go in and <SHOW AMULET> to the gnome. Follow him in, and when he offers it to you <GET FLASK>. Then exit and go west, to the clearing. Now to find your way back. Save your game again. Go south, east, south east etc and you should soon stumble upon the screen north of the one with the tree. Now go one screen south (that's the one with the tree and quicksand) and cross the log. Be careful. In the following screen, just keep on travelling north until you reach some ruins surrounding a well. <GET PAIL> and <CLIMB DOWN WELL>. After reaching the platform, <PUT AMULET IN HOLE>. The door will open, enter.

Go into the left opening and continue west till you reach a screen with significantly lighter sand in the middle of it. Type <GIVE MUSHROOM TO MONSTER>, but don't press `enter' yet. Make for the entrance to the next room, and when the monster grabs you quickly press `enter'. It will let go of you and you are free to go. In the following screen, and ogre will come and attack you. Kill him, then go to the north end of the room and <GET STAFF>. Return to the screen with the parchment, using the same trick on the monster again to cross. Now go to the opening on the right. <CLIMB UNDER BRIDGE>. In the next screen, walk to the bolted door and <PULL LOCK>, <GET LOCK>, <OPEN DOOR>, <GET BOOK>. Travel north. You now see two paths, one to the north and another to the east. This is where there is a little random kick in the game. To check which path you have to take, travel north first. Take a peek at the gate on the left hand side of the screen. If there appear to be cobwebs inside, skip to the next part *. If there AREN'T cobwebs (you can always walk there and type <LOOK THROUGH GATE>) then <PULL LEVER> and exit through the newly opened gate. * If there ARE cobwebs exit the room and go to the door on the right instead. Walk to the thing on the floor, <GET HEAD>, then go to the broken statue and <PUT HEAD ON SNAKE>. The statue should slide away and now you can descend the flight of stairs. Both ways round, you appear at the following screen. See the two pools of water? One contains a flammable liquid, and the other is pure water. At each of the pools, <SMELL WATER>. If Maddog chokes after smelling the water, that is the flammable pool. If he doesn't, that's the pool of water. Determine which one contains pure water and go right up to it. <FILL PAIL WITH WATER>. Go to the middle of the screen and <PUT OUT FIRE>. After it's been put out, you can choose whether you want to <FILL PAIL WITH WATER> again, but at the flammable pool this time, or you can just forget about it and simply enter the mouth. Both ways round you will be able to end the game. The new room is a maze. It is totally random, so there's no way I can give instructions on how to get out, but it's pretty simple. Just look for an opening somewhere else and exit. When you finally get out of the maze, you will find yourself face to face (well, almost) with a cyclops. Type <DRINK WATERS OF CHANGING> but don't press `enter'. Now walk into sight, and before he comes and wallops you into the ground quickly press `enter'. You will turn into a rock and get kicked to the village.

Wait for a while, don't worry, you'll return to normal in due time. Walk north and <OPEN DOOR> to the pub. Enter. Walk up to the mantel, <GET MATCHBOX>. See the old guy sitting in the bottom-right hand corner of the screen? <GIVE STAFF>. <GET LAMP> when he gives it to you and exit. Once out of the pub go north. <KNOCK DOOR> on the middle one. <SHOW AMULET> when he wants you to. At this point, if you didn't get the flammable liquid then go east, you should see something floating in the water. <GET JUG>. If you did, just skip what I just described. Go to the pub screen again and go east. Follow the steps down. Save your game, we don't want you falling off the mountain. Slowly make your way past this screen. At the next one, there will be a hairy little thing walking around on the floor. <RUB REPELLENT ON BODY> and you will be able to cross safely. Keep on travelling east till you reach a mud pit. At this point, <POUR JUG ON MUD> if you have the jug, and if you chose the flammable liquid instead, <POUR WATER ON MUD>. Next, <LIGHT MUD>. Continue east. On the next screen, <RUB LAMP>. A dragon will come and save you. Just before it flies off the screen, save your game. This is probably the most important time to save it, as you'll see next. Next will be an arcade sequence. You're supposed to fly around on the dragon and shoot at other dragons using the `shift' key. My general hints for this sequence are, fly at the top of the screen, when the dragon comes duck, when he passes you, fire him in the butt. That should get you through it. After landing, keep on going north till you enter the castle.

Just a pre-note, there are going to be lots of doors to be opened from now on, and obviously I'm not going to keep on going <OPEN DOOR> so just open it if it's in your way, you don't need me to tell you. Kill the guard, then <SEARCH BODY>. You'll get some money. Go west, north, then up the stairs to the west. Kill the guard again and remember to <SEARCH BODY> for some keys. <UNLOCK DOOR> then <OPEN DOOR>. Follow the girl out of the room, there's nothing to get here. Return to the first screen you saw when you cam into the castle, and this time go east. In the study, <GET APPLE> then go north to Serak's bedroom. <UNLOCK CHEST> and <GET SCEPTER>. Now walk over to the mirror on the right hand side of the room. You will be asked some questions. I can't really remember exactly how they were phrased, and don't even know the answer to some. In case they ask you one of those questions to which I don't know the answer, just exit the room and try again. Hopefully this is enough to sustain you.

Question regarding... Answer
Scepter Star
Person kept in tower chamber Faith
Birds flying around castle Vulture
Malthazar's servant demon Bragg

Anyway, once you've hopefully answered all the questions, the answer is <MALTHAIC POWERS>. Once you're done, go all the way to the west wing of the building at the screen with the staircase. Go north through the door. You will be in a room with a hole in the floor. Save your game and jump over it (near the middle, where it sort of sticks out). It may take many attempts, but ultimately you'll succeed. <TIE ROPES TOGETHER>, then <TIE ROPE TO TORCH>. <CLIMB DOWN>. Exit to the right, then north. You should now be in the throne room. <PUT SCEPTER IN HOLE>. Yikes! You're in...

The Dungeons of Duridian
First a few notes. You'll be meeting a substantial number of monsters here, so just do the usual thing - kill them! Don't bother searching them, after all, if you were a big hungry mutant lizard-crocodile thing who carried a three-pronged fork and lived in a dungeon waiting for people to come and kick your butt, you wouldn't carry a lot of money. Trust me. Another thing, there are many chests around the place. I suggest that you save your game before opening them, because at random they might be good or bad. Good might mean a hundred gold coins or an elixir which will boost your health, bad might mean some fiery creatures come out and chase you (though they disappear after a while, and they're pretty cute too) or a ghost comes out and grabs you inside the chest for a little fight, then throws you out half dead. Anyhow, ever heard of the RESTORE feature? Yeah. Use that often. (In case you haven't figured out, the sequence is <OPEN CHEST> (if it's something bad it will happen now, if it's not, then) <LOOK IN CHEST>. If it's money, <GET COINS> and if it's an elixir, <GET ELIXIR>. Simple enough.) Keep on travelling the obvious way (there's only one way to go) and <PICK STONE> when you see them along the way. They're quite obvious. You should get five of them. If you haven't, backtrack and find them. Once you reach the room with the metal chain hanging from the ceiling, <HANG PAIL ON CHAIN> then <PUT STONES IN PAIL>. In the next room, <OPEN CHEST> then <GET CONTAINER>. Continue onwards. You might see a fountain, but it's bad so don't bother with it. Continue until you reach a room with a descending spiked ceiling. Quickly walk in front if that little crack in the wall to the left. <DRINK TONIC> and you will shrink, walk through the crack and you're safe. In the next room, you'll have to walk on the lines of the floor to escape death. Just walk on the lines! Save frequently. After that, you'll enter a room with a pool. This is the safe pool, you can drink from it if you want but it isn't required. Proceeding south will bring you to a corridor. Avoid the grate on the left with your life. Go into the prison cell. <GIVE SOCKS> to the poor guy. Exit west, and then walk south. You should be near a pool with some rocks in it, with a gem on a pedestal in the middle. Be careful now - jump to the stepping stone on the right. Once you have landed, <GET GEM>, and walk into the water. You will be pulled underneath and thrown to another screen with an octopus sitting at the bottom of it. A bit of skilful manoeuvering should be able to steer you away from it and into the exit on the left. Once out of the pool, continue west. <OPEN CHEST> and <GET ARMOR>. <WEAR ARMOR>. Cool eh? Now when you walk down the stairs you won't be harmed by the arrow. Continue through the dungeons until you reach a place which seems to have pillars sticking out of the floor. Save your game. You'll just have to jump your way out of this! Just remember to save often and don't get discouraged. You'll soon make your way to a chamber with a beam coming down the middle of it. <PUT GEM ON PEDESTAL>. Travel north. <OPEN COFFIN> and <GET IN COFFIN>. Once you're out, <OPEN DOOR>. Go east and you will encounter a dragon. Save your game. The thing is, you need to get the breastplate from behind its tail, but you have to kill it first. <EAT APPLE> or <DRINK ELIXIR> if your health is too low. Then press `F1' to go into combat. I don't know about you, but I don't seem to be inflicting pain on the dragon when I go right up to him and start whacking. Instead, (perhaps this is some error in the game) when I stand quite remotely far away from the dragon such that it doesn't breathe fire on me and start whacking at random, maybe after turning round a bit, I just start to see his health bar decrease. Anyway, once you get it killed go back there and <GET BREASTPLATE>. Exit the room and continue west. There you will see Serak torturing a man. Walk towards him and he'll injure you, but fortunately for the breastplate you aren't so harmed. After he leaves, <FREE MAN>. Walk over to the left torch and <TILT TORCH>. Follow upstairs along the winding staircase, and you'll end up in Serak's bedroom. Looks familiar doesn't it? Now hurry, after he has entered the mirror, <BREAK MIRROR>. That's the end of the game! Congratulations.

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