Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight Cheat Codes

Press "t" to go to the console, enter the cheat, and press the Enter key to use the codes.

x below is a toggle switch where 1=on and 0=off

5858lvr-All map
bactame-Full health
deeznuts-Level Skip
eriamjh-Fly mode
hypre-Quit game
imayoda-Light Master
jediwannabe x-Toggles God Mode
max-Max from "Sam and Max" helper
pinotnoir x-Restart level with current weapons/i>
racoonking-Uber Jedi
red5-All Weapons
sithlord-Dark Master
slowmo x-Toggles Slow Motion
thereisnotry-End Level
wamprat-All Items
warp [x,y,z, coordinates]-Warp to new location in current level
whiteflag x-Toggles AI
yodajammies-Gain Mana

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