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Contrary to popular belief, there is something that can be used as a cheat in Diablo. This will let you duplicate any item in both the full version and the shareware version of Diablo. To make this work, keep the inventory screen closed. Drop an item that you want duplicated (gold, potion, scroll, book, etc.). Walk away from it a little bit. Now go to pick up that item . Just as the you pick it up, click on one of the items in your belt that you can afford to lose. The description when you pick it up should be the same as the item you picked up off of the ground. This cheat is a little hard to do, so keep trying. It does work.

NOTE: If you have a newer version of Diablo, be very careful with this. The first time you drop your new duped item, the game will notice it and destroy it. So make sure not to drop it.

BIG Thanks to "The Silencer" for his help on the above section. Thanks!!

Another cheat that I have heard of but have not been able to get working is that you can make deals with Wirt. When you find an item he has that you want, get out your calculator and take 33% off of the price. Then come back to him with exactly that amount of gold in your inventory (plus the 50 to take a look at it). He should now let you have the item for the discounted price. If anyone can figure this one out, mail me.

List of Shrines:

Shrine Name: Message: Effect:
Abandoned The Hands of Men are guided by Fate. Raises your dexterity by two.
Blood Fountain N/A Raises your health by one each time it is used.
Creepy Strength is bolstered by heavenly faith. Raises your strength by two.
Cryptic Arcane power brings destruction. Casts nova and refills your mana.
Divine Drink and be refreashed. Helas you, refills mana, gives two full potions.
Eerie Knowledge and Wisdom comes at a cost. Random effect.
Eldritch Crimson and Azure becomes like the sun. Turns all potions into refuvenation potions.
Enchanted Magic is not what it seems to be. Lowers one spell by one, raises rest by one.
Fascinating Intensity comes at the cost of wisdom. Gives you hit points, lowers mana. Firebolt +2
Fountain of tears N/A One attribute lowered by one, another raised 1.
Glimmering Mysteries are revealed in the light of reason. All items are identified or the full map is given.
Gloomy Those who defend seldom attack. All weapon damage -1. All armour AC +2.
Goat Shrines, Cauldrons N/A Random effect.
Hidden New strength flows from destruction. One item worn gets -10 dur; all others get +10.
  Your skills increase, but at a price. You lose all buy one gold piece; all stats raised.
Holy Shrine Wherever you go, there you are. Phase shifts you outside of the current room.
Magical While the spirt is vigilant the body thrives. Casts mana shield on you.
Murky Pools N/A Casts infravision.
Mysterious Some are weakened as one grows strong. One attribute raised by 5; one or more others -1.
Ornate Salvation comes at the cost of wisdom. Raises holy bolt by two, but lowers mana.
Purifying Spring N/A Raises your mana by one each time it is used.
Quiet The essence of life flows from within. Raises your vitality by two.
Religious Time can not diminish the power of steel. Completely repairs all your items.
Sacred Energy comes at the cost of wisdom. Raises charged bolt by two levels; lowers mana.
Secluded The way is made clear when viewed from above. Fills in your map.
Spirtual Riches abound when least expected. Fills all empty backpack slots with gold.
Spooky Energy comes at the cost of wisdom. All players get full life except the user.
Stone The power of mana refocused renews. Recharges all staves.
Tainted Those that are last may yet be first. A stat raised by 1; all other players all stats -1.
Thaumaturgic You hear a series of creaks and thumps. Refills all chests on the level.
Weird The sword of justice is swift and sharp. Raises the damage done by all weapons by one.

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