Epic Pinball Pack 3 Cheat Codes and Hex Cheat

Type in the following codes during gameplay:

[Esc] + B + N-Extra ball on table
[Esc] + [F9] + N-Display sound and graphics level
[Esc] + [F9]-Display border
[Esc] + [F9]-Display border
[Esc] + [F10]-Screen capture to "screen.pcx"
[Esc] + B + J-Control two balls
[Space]-Nudge the table
z-Nudge table left
/-Nudge table right
X-Lock right flipper
>-Lock right flipper


[F1] at the options menu for any table-Six balls

Hex Cheat

Because there is a different program for each table then there are 4 hacks for this game,anyway here goes.......as usual change the following offsets:

Cyborgirl - Edit the EP9.EXE file

Change offset $33C0E to 803E7741 xx 90909090

Pangaea - Edit the EP10.EXE file

Change offset $34F08 to 803E7438 xx 90909090

Space Journey - Edit the EP11.EXE file

Change offset $30698 to 803E3D37 xx 90909090

Toy Factory - Edit the EP12.EXE file

Change offset $31D0C to 803E0037 xx 90909090

In all hacks change the value at xx to be the number of balls you wish to play the game with + 1 (numbers must be in hex) - So if you want 10 balls then xx must be 0B (equals 11 in hex)

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