Wing Commander IV

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Type in codes:

While in spaceflight mode you can press the Alt and the O keys at once to gain access to a special menu. From here, it's easy to do all sorts of things: you can make yourself invulnerable, deactivate the collision detection, alter the skill level, detail level, video mode and audio setup.

If there is a mission that you are stuck on, you can warp to a mission of your choice. Start the game in DOS by typing
WC4 -chicken -m 5 # (where # stands for the mission you want to play).
NOTE: For this to work, you must have the CD that contains the mission you want to play in your CD-ROM drive before you start the game.

To enable the following cheats, start the game in DOS by typing WC4 -chicken. This will activate these cheats: [Ctrl]+[W] will destroy the currently targeted enemy,[Ctrl]+[Alt]+[W] will destroy all the current enemies on the radar screen.
NOTE: Using these 2 cheats makes any kills you get not contribute to your kill score.

Easter Eggs:

When you first arrive on the Lexington, go to the terminal for the first time. At this point the Uniterm program will come up. BEFORE it lets you put your callsign in for the first time (around the time that it is doing all this stuff with eye scans and login names), type in animal. This will take you to a DOS-based game of the same name. Type in chicken and the game will ask you to put in Disc #6. Now you can see some weird credits.

Start the game in DOS by typing WC4 -mitchell. WC4 will report that "Mitchell don't work here no more!"

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